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An Easy to Make Kindle or Ereader Pillow Holder

Updated on March 20, 2012
My Easy to Make Kindle Pillow Holder in action
My Easy to Make Kindle Pillow Holder in action
Sewing the elastic onto the felt
Sewing the elastic onto the felt
Time to Sew!
Time to Sew!
After Pushing the elastic pieces into the pillow
After Pushing the elastic pieces into the pillow

Kindle Pillow Needed

I am an avid reader and love books. I never seem to have a book with me when I really need one. My husband gave me a kindle for my birthday this year and I am in love with it (and him). My library has great books to check out and I don't even have to travel there to get them. It was been fabulous, although my husband and kids say they miss me a bit.

When I am reading curled up in my favorite chair or lounging in bed at night I wanted something that would allow me to read without constantly holding the kindle. I looked online and saw some expensive options for Kindle holders but I realized I could probably make something for cheaper than what I saw online.

So I went to my nearest giant shopping center and found a cheap, on clearance pillow. I think I spent about $8 on it, I could have gone a little cheaper but this one also matched the bedding I have.

I also bought some elastic for the straps. I brought my supplies home and got to work. I laid the kindle on top of the pillow in the approximate location I wanted it. I then took a sharp pair of scissors and put small slits on each side of all four corners. I then cut four small pieces of elastic that would serve as the holders for the kindle. I had some left over felt from another project (felt is cheap about 36 cents a piece). I sewed the felt on each end of the elastic to make a T shape or a capital I when completed.

I then used a paper clip to push each end of the felt and elastic into the small slit. That gave me the perfect pillow kindle or ereader holder. I spent about $10 on it total.

I could have made the pillow from the beginning and saved a dollar or two but I wanted this to be a simple project. You could turn this into a no sew project by using some no sew iron on bonding instead of sewing on the felt. This project was simple, cheap, and took less than 30 minutes. Now back to my reading.


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    • kthix10 profile image

      kthix10 6 years ago from IL

      Thanks! I really enjoy it a great deal. I have also found that my clip on light slides easily between the kindle and pillow and stays put.

    • larcaustin46 profile image

      larcaustin46 6 years ago from Austin, TX

      What a great idea! I think I just decided what my family will be getting next Christmas! Voted up and useful--thanks for a great hub!