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An expression of Art

Updated on July 29, 2011

Art in an Expression of feelings or emotions that is reflected in Music; photography; canvas; sculpture; or even film. It even has the power of creating emotion in the individual that is viewing, or listening to the piece. Art can bring out the deepest emotions or perhaps make you remember a particular time in your life. “Art, of course - every branch of art - is considered a wonderful way of expressing yourself, because it's creative work, based on your personality as well as your knowledge, skill, and temperament”(art school online).

It was difficult to select an art form for this project because Art is all around us. I am found of many form of art. I listen to music every day. I take various photography pictures at special events. I personally like to canvas paint, and I have watched several artistic films. When I chose my final art form I took all of this into consideration.

For my final art form I chose the art of painting. I have taken several trips to the local art gallery with my daughters. It’s funny to watch them look at the local canvas art. What they visualize and what I visualize are probably two different things. I personally like to try to understand what the artist was trying to tell the viewer. Why the artist chose to paint this particular picture, and if there is something hidden in the picture that the artist was trying to tell you. It’s funny because as a child painting was one of my first forms of Art Expression.

I remember dipping that paintbrush inside that big bottle of paint and slapping that on a piece of paper. I thought I had the best painting than anyone else in the class. Youngsterswho daily participate in a comprehensive art activity are five times more likely to be elected to office, Five times more likely to be in an educational science fair and Five times more likely to win an award for an expression of writing.

As a child and even as an adult- Art has very much been a part of my personal life. I like the canvas expression, and chose this as my final project because I can personally look at the same canvas picture several different times at different occurrences and see different things in the painting. I like trying to figure out what the artist is trying to say, and why he or she chose this piece to paint.


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Interesting form of Art Expression.


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    • epigramman profile image

      epigramman 6 years ago

      ...well you certainly have an artistic sensibility which is so creative and it shows in each and every one of your grand hubs here - and your smile is a work of art too - thank you so much for making my night and paying a visit to Epi's hubs ..... lake erie time ontario canada 10:30pm