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Curse Of Talent

Updated on March 19, 2011

Inspired By Beauty: The Lotus Flower

Lotus Of Inspiration and Love
Lotus Of Inspiration and Love

When Talent Hinders Life

When you are so extremely talented, you are cursed. I have seen so many talented people who cannot manage to get their acts together. It is a curse to have these talents, and not realize the extra effort you must make in life to succeed.

I have met so many talented people of all walks of life. The one common denominator is...The curse. The curse of dysfunction. Dysfunction in the way of getting shorted in certain areas of development, or mental awareness, or the affects of the aforementioned being the wrench in the works itself. People with talent do not seem to know how to overcome the affects of their own dysfunction. It is something I have seen present in talented people my entire adult life.

Artists in particular have a lack of marketing ability, for example. Some artists are treated publicly with much jealousy, and envy from others. If you are aware of this, and react inappropriately, the results will be less than favorable. Extreme talent, brings extreme jealousy. Being aware of your weak areas, is the best approach and it can be dealt with accordingly.

Focus on health, not diet, and you will balance your mind properly in order to deal with all of it. Short your body and brain of necessary nutrients, you will bring ill results. I have watched many artists flounder about in society, because they do not know what to do. They are not sales people, and they lack people skills. although I too am an artist, I took courses in business, and have been in the legal/financial industry my whole life. I am a trained skilled business person, with the added talent of art. I knew at a young age what I was up against, and made the effort to nip it in the bud.

I have met many artists on drugs, and very depressed also. It seems to be a patten within the art world. It makes sad to know that people with such talent are feeling this way. I feel it hurts the whole planet in the long run. Art is something that should be shared, and promoted properly. Before an artist dies. Fame usually sets in after death. That alone puts odd against every artist out there. The public really just wants everything for free unfortunately.

I see countless adds on craigslist that indicate this. The struggling public has no mercy on artists, and the prices I am seeing for things people want are insultingly low. It's wrong to do this to such talented people. It damns them before they ever have a chance to make it in life. Art is a labor of love, and beauty, it should be treated as such.

The world right now needs more love, and beauty...the raping and pillaging of the art world has to stop. They are starving more than any other industry because the odds were stacked against them in the first place. The most precious thing of all for the public to enjoy has been stomped on, treated less than valuable, and  shunned to the point of reduction in value. It should not go this way, which is why I have taken my time to write about it. I am one of them, and I am involved. I see what is happening to talented people, from start to finish.

If we shun the artists, they will no longer be able to produce the works for our history. They are a segregated group of talent, that must be acknowledged, not shunned. They need to be paid properly for the things they do...that you cannot. The pendulum should be swinging the opposite direction, but because the economy has collapsed, guess who's first to go?... The artists.

I am hoping enough people will read, and connect with true reality and turn this around. For the beauty we need, and the future of art itself. Our history is always documented by artists of all kinds. We look back to the past to guide us safely into the future. Correcting things as we go. This is something that needs to brought to the forefront of our talent industry.

Treating artists less than special will have a devastating affect on our historic imprints in our lifetime. One hundred years from now they will look back on this time, and say what happened to all the art? There is a gap in time that is so prominent that it will stand out historically. I would like to change that now. With the help of the public.

All people need to think twice before asking an artist to reduce their prices to save you money. If you do that, it will devalue their precious works, in turn devalue our history. If you can't create it yourself, then you pay the one who can...with a smile! Do not insult them by low balling their already low prices. It's just wrong to do. Stop and think for a minute...can I do this myself?

This way when you look upon the beauty created, you will know the real value, and time that went into it. Someone somewhere is suffering because they were not paid properly, for their efforts. The added injury to insult, is when you are working hard on something, and the buyer wants it for cheaper than what you're offering. That's the ultimate insult. All areas of art are suffering right now, more than ever. Working together with the right attitude is the answer to solving this situation.

Pay the artists! Put a smile on your face, when handing them the money for their beautiful works. This is now a prized possession that is timeless. A piece of documented history that increases in value over time. That value will never be seen by that artist, in their lifetime.

Scenery an Artist...For Us All


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