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Applying Pencil Portrait Techniques

Updated on April 18, 2011

Drawing is a lot of fun and it does not have to be as complicated as other people make it to be. There are basic drawing techniques for you to make it easy to start with. With the right guides from pencil portrait techniques, you can make your very own groundwork from your growing drawing career.

Basically, you should be mentally focused to execute your pencil portrait techniques. You must have the discipline for yourself and to your mind to understand the basic lines and shades of drawing. When you always keep this in mind, you allow your focus to do more that can be further improved by putting it into practice practically. Always make a point that you should always be on the go.

With the right materials that you choose to apply your pencil portrait techniques, it will go along from the internal motivation you made for yourself. The quality of the pencil creates an impression for the artwork standard that you have chosen to be applied. Prevent the smudging of shades from the best quality eraser to create for a clean finish.  Your paper that you are working on may be torn out or damaged, if you are not careful with the type of eraser that you will be using.

 There are papers that fits just right for sketching and this makes room for pencil portrait techniques. Professional artist makes use of acid-free paper for the majority of their sketch works. Right blending should also be learned as part of the pencil portrait techniques. From the original sketch, here are cheap and clean alternative in the use of cotton wool buds. There are available fine pointed cosmetic removal buds to make for a better end result of blending from the portrait.

Together with the mess that the portrait makes, it’s important to keep your work clean at the end. If you are a right-handed artist, work from left to right to prevent messing up as part of the pencil portrait technique. A clean piece of paper or anything that can cover the drawn areas would help protect the portrait.

 You should be able to provide a separate room for your drawing hobby if possible and an individual stand for the portrait sketches. This will make the work area isolated from any unwanted materials like food and drinks that may stain your work in the end.

It's important to keep the guidelines of pencil portrait techniques in mind to have the ideal piece of art whether you're an amateur or professional.


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    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 6 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      Good starter information.