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Art Activities For Kids

Updated on October 22, 2011

By the grace of nature and God each and every kid has some artistic abilities. In some these grow extensively and in some it remains as they were in initial stages. Now for those who excelled into it the credit goes to parents who let their abilities and imagination grow since start.

While the ones who couldn’t grow their talent well into this is also because their parents did not provided them with enough opportunities to sharpen their talent when it was time to grow.

Encouragement of parents for their children towards arts makes them generate ideas that are usually unthinkable by elders even. They can come out with making a very cute or productive thing from something that we just threw into our waste bin. The only condition is to let your child do what he is doing, let his creativity comes out.

Different Art Activities

There are different arts and craft activities for kids that you may adopt for your child. These usually differ with age or you may say that level of these activities would change with the growth in talent of your kid.

Color Pencils and Crayons

On the very first stage when children are too young parents can bring for them different color pencils, crayons or even marker pens too. For children’s interest these now come in different shapes too.

By providing them with the opportunity to draw or do anything with these colors you let your child grow his imaginative powers. And soon you will be surprised to see those beautiful art pieces coming up from your kid.

Water Colors

On a next stage when you feel that your kid is now able to handle brush well, gift him some water colors. Leave it onto him as to what he does with that. Just make him utilize hi imaginative powers now to form different colors and shades the way he want them in his picture.

You may also become part of your kid’s activity while he is working on his painting. But keep one thing in mind never draw the thing same as your kid is drawing because that would make him compare his one with yours and this may take away their motivation. As the kid would see a better result in the shape of your drawing this will deter him from doing this thing again. He’ll feel dejected.

You can work with them in a way that if they are painting some cartoons or animals you can draw scenery; this would give a total different effect. Your kid will be motivated as you became part of their activity, and your paintings would broaden their views too towards things.

Paper & Cane Crafts

Paper crafts also develop the imaginative power of children; they form different models and things from craft paper.  

You can put these crafts on wall in his room or may even keep them in show case in your living room. This is going to highly motivate your child and make him feel proud of his creation. This will make them work better and harder too.

Cane is also a very good product for arts and craft activities. With this kids may make baskets, vases and other small different creations. This is a very healthy activity.

Building Blocks

Lego and building blocks are also very creative way of expressing your imaginative world. You provide your kid with these blocks and see them visualize their thoughts out in shape of different things made of these blocks.

These sometimes will come out as a building or sometimes even a whole city designed. These designs may include cars made of Lego too or anything. It’s just a matter that you name it and that is possible to be made out of these Lego. 

Plan Out Small Art Event

These given above are few ways in which you may make your child excel into arts field. To increase the desire in your kid you may plan to host a little event at your home asking neighborhood children to come over.

Than you may provide them with a theme and let everyone use his or her imagination for this particular theme. Do not attach any strings to it, conditions or prizes. Just let them work in any medium they want.

This will help your child and other children too to think extensively and will help in growing each one’s talent too as they would learn from other’s ideas too. And yes for mommies, don’t be worried about the mess, just do a little thing tell kids at the start that all the mess will have to be cleaned up at the end. Believe me they won’t be hesitant in ding that at all.

Have fun and give your kid a wonderful weekend.


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