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Art Shows and Craft Fairs

Updated on November 2, 2009

For the first time last week I exhibited my art at a local Art and Craft Fair, actually it was at my church, during there annual picnic and I purchased a table for the 2 days that the fair was going on. I had great expectations and left somewhat bewildered by the whole situation. Still it was worth my while, I made the money that I had spent for the table and a couple of extra bucks, nothing to write home about, but enough to pay for the last printing I did of my art. So I broke even.

As is my nature, I am an observer of the human condition, and what I observed was that this was not a way to sell my art, I would say that maybe 3 people, looked through maybe the pile of some 50 prints, none of which bought any of course because they were artist in their right, but it was nice to get some acclimation from the local community. For the most part, people looked at the few prints which I had framed, made a nice comment and moved on. I don’t know what I was expecting; people don’t really go to an Art and Craft Fair to buy fine art to put on their walls, well not this type of art fair. Half of my objective was to get more known it my community and I accomplished that to some limited aspect,  and I promoted my portrait business.

Cubist Madonna by Jerry Bacik
Cubist Madonna by Jerry Bacik

The odd thing out was that the only image that I sold was my “Cubist Madonna.”

And not only did I sell one but I sold three copies, out of 50 prints, this one image seemed to catch the eye of the few people who looked at my art. The Cubist Madonna was my first “art for art sake” piece. I had been doing portraits for awhile, working with a very limited supply of graphic art programs, primitive compared to what I use today, but I created a Madonna in the cubism style, and added these images of Christ, his life through her eyes. I’m proud of the painting and even have it hanging up in my house, but it was my first piece, I think I’ve gotten so much better since then, so it’s somewhat bewildering that, that one piece was the one to sell. Perhaps it was because I was at a Catholic church, I don’t know, I just know that I need to find someplace else to sell my art.

So if anyone has any suggestions, or ideas that I might not have thought of, drop a comment, and as always keep praying for me to find a job.

Thank and peace be with you all



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    • Mike Lickteig profile image

      Mike Lickteig 7 years ago from Lawrence KS USA

      No real suggestions except to take the information you have been provided and go with it. What was it about this piece that people liked? Can it be generalized and reproduced in other work in a way that people will respond to? Can this piece be utilized in different venues for your benefit? No answers, but it is important to look for clues.

      You have a tremendous talent, my friend. Don't give up.


    • Patti Ann profile image

      Patti Ann 8 years ago from Florida

      Your work is excellent. Have you tried to get them in any galleries?