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Full Of Art in Miami

Updated on June 15, 2017

Art in Miami - Wynwood, Coconut Grove, BRAD

A lot has changed in Miami and the presence of art is easily recognizable in an abundance of formalities. From contemporary to street art, artist from all over the world find Miami as a safe haven having use the walls of mom & pop owned businesses as canvases. Many artist come to Miami to stamp the streets and many artists, galleries, curators, and enthusiast alike move here to establish their art in galleries throughout Miami.

The Wynwood section of Miami offers the best wall to wall street art in the world. Seen as a gritty outdoor contemporary museum, never had I seen such a compilation of artist from around the world. Also known as Little San Juan partially and partially Little Haiti, the populated area is full of contemporary and graffiti street art. Many businesses have allowed artist to leave their mark in the district and almost every wall in the district has the presence of art somewhere on it.

Aside of Wynwood and the Design District, Here are some other neighborhoods in Miami with monthly art walks featuring live nights with food, music & drinks.

BRAD (Bird Road Arts District) - Art walks 3rd Saturday of every month

visit website @ BRAD Artwalk

Coconut Grove - Art walks 1st Saturday of every month - from 7pm to 10 pm - free admission

visit website @ Grove Gallery Walk

Coral Gables - Art walks 1st Friday of every month

Visit website @ Coral Gables Gallery Stroll

Here's a few famous ones and some that are no longer around so the pics are rare.

Wynwood Arts District - Miami, Fl

Wynwood is a neighborhood in Miami north of downtown. It is known to have three parts, the fashion district, the technology district and art district. Progressive gentrification of the neighborhood has transformed the art district into a huge playground for artist and their work. Hi Rise condo buildings are sprouting about the neighborhood as murals mask at least one side for every four sided building already established. Every 2nd Saturday of each month a community wide Art Walk is held in the arts district. The showcase of over 70 galleries begin on 36th Street going south onto 20th Street between NE 2nd Avenue and NW 6th Avenue. You can find a bite to eat and a drink from the bars and eateries running alongside N. Miami ave. When Art Walk comes along it's elbow to elbow as 10'000s of people walking about. Just a couple years ago the Wynwood art district was abandoned and boarded for the most part. Now's it's the place where the artsy locals, artful tourist and former beach goers alike come to vibe and dine. The neighborhood is still growing and at a rapid pace. In 2013 when "Art Basel" hit Miami, the crowds were bigger in the Wynwood Art Walk rather the beach where the Convention Center was to be the biggest event.

As stated by Wiki: Wynwood is home to over seventy galleries, five museums, three collections, seven art complexes, twelve art studios and five art fairs.

As it stands now, below is a map of the Wynwood Art District in Miami, Florida...

Wynwood Art District map - Wynwood Miami map

Map of Wynwood Miami
Map of Wynwood Miami | Source

Art Galleries in Wynwood, Miami

  • Unix Fine Art
  • The Lunch Box Gallery
  • Robert Fontain Gallery
  • Free Your Mind
  • Sculpt Miami
  • Danilo Gonzales Gallery
  • Kavachnina Contemporary Gallery
  • CIFO Art Space (Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation)
  • The Margulies Collection at the Warehouse
  • Rubell Family Collection
  • Gary Nader fine art
  • Dorsch Gallery
  • Gallery Diet
  • Fred Snitzer Gallery
  • Bernice Steinbaum Gallery
  • Dot 51 Gallery
  • David Castillo Gallery
  • Pan American Art Projects
  • Praxis International Art
  • Edge Zones
  • Sammer Gallery
  • World Class Boxing - The Scholl Collection
  • Wynwood Exhibition Center at Cafeina
  • The Yard @CasaLin
  • Galerie Schuster
  • The Armory Studios
  • Irazoqui Art Gallery
  • Cienfuegos Wynwood
  • KOWAL-ODERMATT art space
  • CHAREST-WEINBERG art residence
  • WAKEUPSTAR* Studio

 Eduardo Kobra for Art Basel 2011.
Eduardo Kobra for Art Basel 2011. | Source
Wynwood entrance Miami
Wynwood entrance Miami | Source
via | Source
Art Basel 2012
Art Basel 2012 | Source

Bird Road Art District

Miami Gallery Hop

Graffiti walls align in the Bird Road Art District. This industrial part of town is entwined with contemporary art galleries and temporary eateries and has been since the 80's.

The Bird Road Art District Art Walk is on 3rd Saturday of every month. Located east of SR-826 (Palmetto Expressway) & south of Bird Road (SW 40th Street) to SW 48th Street and to SW 72nd Avenue. They bring in food trucks each month to provide the eats. Most studios provide complimentary wine and snacks.

The Art Walk at Bird Road is quite unique as is all but there is an elegance to the industrial part of town in the brush. It's not just graffitti, canvases and paintings but more physical, almost industrial art. Sculptors and Engravers, masters of art in many forms only showing you a percentage of their ability.

Top artist in Miami

If you wanted to know art in Miami then you would have to know who the top artist are as far as recognition. Here's the list for the top 5 artist and their location making noise with their art and influence.

1. David Castillo Gallery

2. Antonia Wright

3. Carlos Rigau

4. Cristina Lei-Rodriguez

5. Felice Grodin

Also check out more events happening here in Miami.

The Miami Art Museum has an event lasting awhile featuring local artist.

Check out info @ New Work Miami 2013

for Art event s in Miami check out Miami Art Guide

Art Basel Miami Beach - Dec 5, 2013 - Dec 8, 20013

During Art Basel Miami the World's elite gather around blank walls throughout the district to leave their imprint on that year's event. Art Basel Miami (not Art Basel Miami beach) is a grandson event to Art Basel Switzerland (the grandfather of art events) and Art Basel Hong Kong.

The Art Basel influence is week long and mainly is celebrated on the mainland rather the beach. Art Basel Miami beach really is Art Basel Miami. You buy your tickets for Art Basel Miami Beach and it'll include access to other events in Midtown, Miami in the Wynwood and design districts.

Art Basel Miami Beach 2013 tickets are now on sale for December 5, 2013 - December 8, 2013 @Art Basel 2013

Art Basel Miami Beach 2014 tickets are now on sale for Dec. 3, 2014 - Dec. 7, 2014 @ Art Basel

Chinese-born, South Africa-based artist DALeast
Chinese-born, South Africa-based artist DALeast | Source
Wynwood district
Wynwood district | Source

Little Haiti Miami Art

As of January 2016 corporate America has taken a stronghold in the Wynwood neighborhood. Less than five years ago Wynwood was just an area in Miami with a lot of empty space and industrial warehouses. It was then that local Miami artist began to build up what is known as Little San Juan in an effort to extend the Art District heading north. They did it and once they accomplished this with little help from the city or state, corporate America moved in and there presence took over diluting the essence of their inspiration. Once corporations moved in, the renting of space tripled in just six months.

Little Haiti is just blocks North of what is considered Wynwood. As of 2016, the local artist that began the Wynwood movement began to move their businesses and art North to Little Haiti where rent was cheaper and the space is limitless. Corporate America has now chosen to gentrify the northside of Wynwood and remove all the Haitians to extend the art district to control it. Soon there would be no Haitians in Little Haiti and the name itself would be changed. The local artist now strive to save the neighborhood for it's historic value.

Wynwood Miami

Gentrification in Miami


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