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Artistic Inspirations Part 1 - Draw - Story - Dubai Artist - Sketch about Simple things

Updated on April 1, 2018
rembrandz profile image

Remy Francis is a social artistic tech entrepreneur in Dubai.

Most of my art pieces are inspiration based upon experiences from my everyday life. You can never run out of ideas to create a masterpiece if you just look around and learn to derive pleasure and happiness from little things in life.

So let's cherish it and make good of what we have, rather than what we don't. What may come out of it could be a beautiful impression by way of art, writings or even a good deed. Artistic inspirations can pop up from anywhere. For example, it is most likely when you are relaxing in the shower or while driving, waiting in a traffic jam, or listening to your favorite FM channel.

This is a story about how I enjoy every little thing in life and freeze it into my sketches or writings or collections. At the end of it, I am happy I have made something worthwhile.

Someday when I look through my works, it will rewind me to that very pleasurable moment in life; much like what photographs do to us.

I’ve grown more attached to this, because I ponder on that special moment in life while I create my sketches or writings. That's a luxury many people can easily achieve with a little focus.

Just carry a pocket book where you can register your thoughts and sketches. Or capture this in your mind and put it down on paper as soon as possible. Or just go click, click, click with your pocket camera.

What also works as helpers to keep your train of thought is to tape an idea when it springs up. So a mini recorder would work. In this day and age of the smart phones, you have that facility just at your fingertips.

In the end, your drawings will have that originality and spontaneity, and your writings will read more fresh.

Drawing_1: Heather and Jack Adventures  // copyright Remy Francis
Drawing_1: Heather and Jack Adventures // copyright Remy Francis

Inspiration 1

Let me take your attention to my Drawing_1 - Heather and Jack Adventures

This sketch is an inspiration I got from two cute furry creatures. A kitten and a puppy landed at my doorstep one day last summer, and managed to change my life forever.

These new buddies gave me a pursuit to be a storybook author someday. Before I met them, I was toying with a dilemma as to how and where to stitch together my two passions, that is, drawing and writing.

I have many manuscripts prepared, but have never approached a publisher because I had not made up my mind. Destiny put Jack and Heather in front of me that warm Middle Eastern morning.

Jack is the Springer Spaniel pup and Heather is the kitten. There were in fact two kittens. One young lad was a Ginger-colored, cute and pink kitten, Martin (not so cute in his ways); the other was a dirty black kitten named Heather.

The peace the troubled Heather had on her face makes me refer to her as the Black Magic Woman. She had a certain poise, calm and resilience. I say resilience, because it was shocking to observe that she was the ignored kitten in her pack. All the cats of the neighborhood that passed by never gave her a second look. I was amazed by the fact that even in the cat community, looks made a difference. Heather was discriminated against by the color of her coat. She always looked weak, abandoned and pushed-aside even by the mother cat.

On the other hand, Martin was a spoilt brat (obviously, he got all the attention from his pack). He always snatched food from Heather's share, looked stronger, and always threw tantrums even to us, his masters, if we missed the time to feed him.

Then one day came little Jack, who was a pedigree pup abandoned in the streets, looking so lean and weak with starvation but ready to respond to some love and affection. My flat mates took him in just to give some temporary shelter until there was a new home for him. Jack the Springer Spaniel was an adorable friendly pup, always ready to follow you with a wagging tail. I couldn't imagine how someone would leave this honey-eyed adorable creature out on the streets to fend for himself.

Those were some trying days I was going through. Jack and Heather, I remember, made my days. I must admit, though, that I could not give them the best attention, but I did what I could in my leisure time. Because I was a foreigner myself in this part of the world, just as foreign as them, if not more foreign, since Jack and Heather did not need a Work Permit or Residence Visa, but I did; and I couldn’t just sit around with these beauties. I had to go out and make a interesting irony! Hey?

Today, I spend at least a few minutes everyday thinking about Heather and Jack when I prepare those manuscripts.

So this is a story about how Jack the Canine and Heather the Feline became friends and had all those unconventional dog-and-cat adventures together. Heather is an abandoned unwanted ugly kitten let go from her pack; and Jack, abandoned for unfair reasons, was in search of some fun, love and affection. He just needed one square meal a day and a playmate. It was amazing how they found each other and how Heather managed to reach out to Jack, leaving behind her sibling Martin who was constantly jealous of her new friendship with a totally new species.

This is a cover design of them. Jack and Heather, wherever you are today, may you be well for I will be watching you do all your lovely innocent pranks through my picture story book.

The beautiful feeling I have thinking about them inspires me to put them in a pastel, peaceful color-tone as in this piece.

Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs
Adult Coloring Book: Stress Relieving Animal Designs
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Drawing_2: The Job Interview
Drawing_2: The Job Interview

Inspiration 2

My next inspirational drawing, which everyone may identify with, is the Job Interview (Drawing_2).

In today’s uncertain times, this may happen all too often, especially in a multi-racial place like where I live and work.

This does not point fingers at anybody. This is just a reminder to everyone who cares, so that the same thing does not happen to them and they don't do this to anyone in their lifetime, if they love humanity as their own.

I found this an unbelievable and unforgettable situation. As annoying as it was, I did learn a lot from this experience.

I happened to go for an interview a long time ago. Fortunately, I was not devastated at the unsuccessful meeting, because this was one of those interviews I went for just as a real-life personality development course. Also for the following reasons: 1) I was not looking to accept such a job immediately, 2) I was curious about the way the secretary invited me, 3) I had never been to that part of town for business. So this was my chance.

I entered the interviewing office; and after a half hour wait, I was called in for the interview.  I was glad, as I could clearly hear another interview going on for the same position just 3 feet away. Then I realized that the interviewer knew nothing of my 15 year background, because he hadn't bothered to do his homework. I could see that they treated job seekers as a commodity. 5 minutes into the interview, he gets a phone call and goes on to attend it; keeping me waiting clueless until kingdom come, sitting upright like a wax statue in my suit.

As you see in my sketch, I saw myself sitting there literally blinking.

When he returned, it was a good half an hour. He then sat for 5 minutes longer and told me that he would go through all my details and get back to me on another day. How is that for driving to his office 50 kilometers away!

As emotional as this drawing portrays it to be, I was glad to see that it's not all the interviewees’ fault these days. Some of the recruiters are just being nasty because the downturn has probably made it an employer’s market. It’s simply a reminder that we need to be aware of this before we indulge in a job search, so that we don’t become all burnt-out.

The colors used in this drawing were not pre-planned; hence the dull, boring and unfortunate tone (brown is not my favorite color). I had that in my mind coming back after the half wasted workday, which I knew I would never get back in my life. But at least I got a sketch of it to add to my Design Semantics Portfolio.

Also to subtly pass on a message to the community, as a picture speaks a thousand words.

For instance, I had to write so much to explain the situation. But it would suffice to place this picture if I wanted to just make the point without hurting anyone.

Though I would have loved to forget it, I enjoyed looking at my own expression in my self-caricature here. That’s my exaggerated look. But I had to hold back this shocking face in place of a plastic smile during the time I was in that office for the interview. Anyway, it is something to laugh about.

Tough times never last, but tough people do! (Great title for that best-seller). So true!

Drawing_3: The Mermaid and the Seahorse
Drawing_3: The Mermaid and the Seahorse

Inspiration 3

Next drawing in line is from my fantasies - Drawing_3.

I love sketching human forms. They are the most difficult to master, yet enjoyable to sketch. The most remarkable improvisations are human cartoons and caricature.

This is a reference drawn from a two-inch seahorse ornament I have. It has always inspired these beautiful fairy-tale images in me. How better to compliment a proud and pretty seahorse than with a beautiful Mermaid taking a ride on him.

This is a quick-sketch I made of them in their underwater world with some colored pencils I could get hold of before my mood to sketch passed by. By the way, artists have mood swings, and they need to be in that right moment to capture their imaginations.

Today, I have a seahorse that has traveled from my shelves into a fantasy world. I know he will surely be enjoying the ride. I just might one day think of having a picture storybook with the Mermaid and my Seahorse.

The Arts: A Visual Encyclopedia
The Arts: A Visual Encyclopedia
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Creating art this way has no room for copying. Being a true artist means being in constant pursuit to create original work. That way, an artist can enjoy every day on earth. And also be inspired to give back to the world like volunteers do. There are many volunteers out there just to help those who are seeking some guidance.

I am a confident artist today because of continued support and mentoring I received from unfailing artist volunteers. They have constantly inspired me to volunteer for the community.

It is all about Karma. When you do good, good things will follow you around. On the other hand, sad things we do haunt us around at least through our conscience and merely will pull us down.

So let me stop here for the moment by saying that I really liked spending time writing this piece for you. I hope that as much as I enjoyed putting it out there, you enjoyed reading it.

Before I say goodbye, may I mention that all of the above is purely my take, spoken with a positive outlook, respecting everyone in the community. The readers may feel free to pick up my tips and join this most interesting artist community in the same satisfying way as I approach it.

Thank you so much for your time. I look forward to hearing your thoughts about what I have discussed here.

So long, till next time.


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