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Wooden Model Artists Mannequins

Updated on April 1, 2011

Wooden Artists Mannequin

Buy wooden artists mannequins for figure drawing.    Image source -
Buy wooden artists mannequins for figure drawing. Image source -

Wooden Artists Mannequins To Buy On Amazon

Wooden Artist Mannequin Models

 Artist models come in the wooden form and are easy to move articulated versions of the human figure and are super useful for learning to draw the figure in motion and multiple poses, all you have to do with an artists mannequin is to move a leg or an arm and it's a different variation of a figures pose that you can draw, you can set up the pose so that it appears that the figure is dancing, running or walking.

Of course some artists will argue that drawing real life figures is best, but what if you don't get out much and no one is willing to be a model for the day, then you are sunk, so that's why these small wooden puppets come in really handy and they won't complain about holding a pose either.

These wood models have all the important joints that shape the arms, legs, torso and head, with obvious simplistic hands and feet, because it's the figure you want to learn to capture with this superb drawing aid. I remember at art college finding them the best thing in the world to use and draw of course some of these wooden mannequins got abused and put in naughty positions just for fun, but they were and still are a great use to me in my figure drawing.

Amazon has a wide range of different artists models and even there are hand mannequins too which help you to learn about drawing the many ways of hands, of course there are some fun just because we can type wooden models like a do or a dragon which are probably aimed at kids to draw and even play with.

Have a look on amazon and buy yourself a cheap wooden artists model for your figure drawing.

Buy An Artists Wooden Figure Mannequin From Amazon

Artists Wooden Models

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    • craftybegonia profile image

      craftybegonia 7 years ago from Southwestern, United States

      Mannequins are a great way to draw the human shape because you can pose them in different ways, which gives variety to your drawings.