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Aryz | Street Artist Biography

Updated on April 8, 2013

About Aryz

Aryz is not only a street artist; he is an illustrator, a painter, and more He is a very young artist, currently in his early twenties. He is from Barcelona, Spain and his name has slowly but surely conquered a large fan base.

He is very talented and works with a variety of art methods, never limiting his imagination. His phenomenal style has adapted to indoor and outdoor environments, often creating detailed cartoon-like characters with a strong passion for art. His primary works, for what he is known for, are large and intricate detailed murals created through the use of paint rollers, paint brushes, and spray paint.

Although there are many famous street artists out there, one can not compare Aryz to the rest. Not only has he accomplished what most artists do in centuries, but Aryz has gone beyond what any one ever expected. Aryz just paints to paint, not simple explanation. He truly enjoys his art, and he is not sure one whether to call his work art street art.

Aryz Murals

Large murals have been popping out everywhere over the past years. As a matter of fact, advertisement was once relied on these murals, before billboards and electronic billboards where created. Very talented artists would spend days painting large murals advertising a product or a company.

The difference between paint murals and electronic billboards is that paint murals take hard work to create. Not only are they time-consuming, but their sight are also breath taking. On the other hand, electronic billboards blend in with the commercialized and information age. There is hardly anything special about them.

Aryz has constantly proven his murals to be an effective force. Not only can one see their amazing sight in person, but they can also be seen through-out the internet in many street art blogs, social media websites, and even reporting articles. These pictures also speak for themselves, often showing the true size of the Aryz murals by having an individual standing next to them.

Aryz Murals

Aryz Timelapse Video

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