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Review of Autodesk Sketchbook Pro

Updated on April 1, 2017

My Experience started with Sketchbook 6

This is what I wrote, maybe 6 years ago as I tried Sketchbook 6 the first time...

"So along comes Autodesk Sketchbook Pro 6, trial version and it fits unto my laptop with it's limited resources. It downloads a 15 non-consecutive day trial which I downloaded and am experimenting with. I do believe I am in love. I can just hear Autodesk rubbing their hands in glee.Another potential customer in the wings..."

Ha,ha, is fun to read history. I have now, not only bought 6 and upgraded it to 7; I am also subscribed to the yearly subscription version of this software.

That probably speaks for itself. I still love this software.

I also have a better laptop and invested in a bigger monitor, upgraded my Wacom Graphire drawing tablet to Wacom Intuos, so I can say I am serious about developing my digital artwork. There is still much to learn as far as developing my art, but using Sketchbook makes digital drawing in some ways better than physical pencil to paper.

Artwork I have created in Sketchbook

I would work on the colors a little more, but I have other projects on the go presently.
I would work on the colors a little more, but I have other projects on the go presently. | Source

Process of the above drawing:

The original was sketched by hand and scanned into Sketchbook (note need to have a digital file to open in Sketchbook).

The original was way more crude and undeveloped. I used another layer to redraw and alter proportions and even move around parts of the composition.

Then once the composition was set I added layers of color. Note this is a laborious part of the process so the underlying drawing need to be complete before beginning this process. However the end result is most satisfying to behold.

Present day Sketchbook status (2017)

Now I have had years to work with this software as well as other graphic software. I like this software for it's ease of use. The very best aspect of this is the fact I can scan in original sketches and then refine them in Sketchbook.

I have Sketchbook 7, which is the last version before Autodesk went to a subscription. I am also subscribed to the latest version. While most artists do not like subscriptions, I do like the nominal cost of the subscription version...peanuts really compared to many software subscriptions. Updates and new brushes to try out are included in the price.

I still have not mastered how to get a vibrant color scheme going but that probably stems from the brushes I like to use. There are many options and like most things in life, practice, practice, practice is the key.

The newer versions have many added features, like a perspective tool and I like the ability of having a tool to draw perfectly straight lines, the brushes give awesome effects and being able to add text has always been a great option. the selection of fonts available is quite adequate for artists. i still have to learn many features but sketchbook has a blog with tutorials for learning new techniques...always a plus since that is a great way to learn!

There is not much I do not like about the latest versions. I routinely open this program to do my work. it just is the most natural and closest to working on material, especially for drawing!

Archival reference for artists on older systems

Experiences on a netbook Windows 7 vs desktop, Windows XP

(written when I had older systems...but still valid for those who have them still)

While I appreciate having the application on the laptop which is portable, I decided to test out on the desktop and found myself preferring the desktop for the larger screen and better experience drawing. The tools appear to work just as well and though the response time is slightly different ...slower on isn't significant.

I have Windows 7 on my laptop and Windows XP on the old desktop. I am tempted to permanently install this program on my desktop where I have other programs to further work on a drawing. I can transfer the files to laptop with a USB if needed, for instance for file transfer to websites!

Update 2017: I have had a Windows 10 system for awhile and a laptop with 8GB memory and 750 GB storage...the new versions work seamlessly. Have not updated my desktop which is very slooow in comparison!

(Archival) My Initial Likes about Sketchbook Pro 6

  • The first impression of this software was how uncluttered the drawing area is and how compact, streamlined and efficient the arrangement for bringing up various tools is. That leaves the drawing area the maximum size possible on my screen. I can get a clean desktop in no time and the tools are easy to bring up and use.
  • Second, I found the experience of drawing on a tablet in Sketchbook rather liberating. I was drawing what I intended rather than something totally different and disconnected from what I wanted to draw. That was great! It felt like drawing. There is even a feature for smoothing out wobbly lines.
  • Third, I loved the selection of brushes; on the trial version I was able to import three extra brush sets from Autodesk to add to the large amount of brushes already available.
  • Fourth, the color palettes are awesome. There is a color wheel and a color puck that allows variation of the color picked.A separate coptic palette has a selection of colors for illustration and design that also can be adjusted with the color puck by swiping the area from right to left or up and down. There is even a display of complementary colors, which is really helpful.That creates a huge color selection!
  • Fifth, the fact that I don't need a long learning curve is great for someone like me who loves art, wants to concentrate on improving my craft and creating and publishing but will probably never have a need to learn the more complex programs needed commercially in large organizations or by very serious computer artists.
  • Sixth, I want to perfect my drawings on computer generated programs. I do not like many of the software programs out there. Either they are very complicated or they are over simplified. At this point I want something streamlined, easy to use and yet powerful enough to produce what I envision. This looks like the ticket.
  • Seventh, a very easy to use layers feature. This is very intuitive process with a pop-up learning curve at all!

(Archival) My Initial Dislikes About Sketchbook Pro 6

It is difficult to find something "not to like" especially since this is such an intuitive program, but I have found some bumps along the path of learning:

  • The text display box: I no longer remember what all the fonts look like and scrolling through the list and clicking on each font in order to display the result is time consuming. Other programs display the results more conveniently. However this is a drawing program so one can export and do the text elsewhere. It just seems more time consuming than elsewhere.
  • I have a tablet so this is not an issue for me, however this program is not for those people who have no tablet. Not much one can do without a stylus/pen.
  • The sizing of the artwork when merging with another open file is a mystery. I have managed to make the merged file smaller...and can't re-size it back up or move it around. Need to do a bit of learning...really this isn't a just happens to be something that was not intuitive for me!
  • This is not a photo manipulation software so functionality is limited to artists who draw. I use Paint Net for photos and have other software so this isn't an issue with me personally.

So...Will I Buy AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro 6 ?

I am almost at the end of my trial period. I really enjoy using this program though I am frustrated by my own clumsiness at using a few features... this is just something that is part of the learning curve...especially being able to size a merged file to an existing drawing. However the drawing is great and the tools quite adequate for my purpose.

Other people comment this is a good program, relatively inexpensive and therefore a good choice for the person that wants to draw and paint on a computer. Professionals use it as an intermediate program to quickly do drawings and then finish in other programs like Photoshop...some even use this as their "only" program to draw comics.


I have bought the software and I am quite pleased with it. I am happy to say the current version is compatible with Windows 8 and I am already improving my computer drawing skills as I practice and learn the new features.The best part is I can use it on the netbook I have with limited memory.


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  • profile image

    SaraAnn6 3 years ago

    I am in love with it too! Currently I have an old Lenovo tablet that has a stylus that works with it. I hadn't used that function in forever and had to download updated drivers, but now it works wonderfully with Sketchbook Pro!! My dream is to one day have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10.4 3014, because it has that nifty S-Pen and comes with Sketchbook along with a bunch of other totally awesome things. Until then I am experimenting with using Sketchbook for all kinds of artwork. My profile picture was actually done using it!

  • Scribenet profile image

    Scribenet 5 years ago from Ontario, Canada

    There is a trial of the Sketchbook Pro download that first to play with. You do need a tablet.

    I am very pleased this helped. I really like the program :)

    Thank you for your comments!

  • HoneyBB profile image

    Helen Laxner 5 years ago from Illinois

    Very informative and helpful. I am starting school for an Associates in Applied Science for Graphic Design in January. I have been wanted to try some easy get started kind of programs because I really have no experience whatsoever other than fooling around with photos. Thanks for sharing. Voted +++