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Boudoir Photography Helps Prison Wives

Updated on August 31, 2011

Prison wives, women whose husbands or lovers are in prison have so much to handle!

Often besides themselves feeling alone and unsupported, there are children involved, oh my, I ask myself, how and maybe why, do they do it, hang in?

But, that is not my job or my business.

I am a Boudoir and Glamour photographer, have been for well, I guess now it is more then 30 years. Every time a woman comes to our studio for a photo shoot for her man behind bars, I am fascinated...

Recently a lovely lady, a prison wife, came to us for a photo session. Her husband, convicted of a white collar crime, had seen one of our ads in a magazine. Right then, we all wondered how the heck he had found one of our ads in one of the few places we advertise... from behind bars! But, he did, and we were very happy to oblige.

There are certain restrictions when it comes to receiving goods in prison from the "outside". For example, no nipples or privates showing... but, looking good and "hot" are perfectly acceptable.

Word has come back to us several times, that the inmate was actually treated BETTER after receiving a package of beautiful, sexy photographs of his woman. Maybe the guards see him as more human.

All items are of course inspected before being given to the inmate.

The energy of LOVE and respect and non judgment are always a part of our studio's photographic creations, perhaps that energy is felt by the viewer. That is always my intention.

The realty TV show "Mob Wives" – one of my new guilty pleasures – just had a show where one of the wives had a sexy shoot for her inmate husband... and I was mentally right there with her.

Men need our feminine energy, and when a woman makes the decision to stay with him in such a difficult situation, we are proud to be a small part of the support they both need.

Fantasy Photography by Daphne's specialty is to bring out your inner Goddess often starting with a complete make over. When a woman is away from her lover for an extended period of time, her self esteem can be affected.

Prison wives usually chose to be monogamous, focusing on keeping their family life stable. Their personal beauty routine can suffer a bit.

What a needed treat it is for a prison wife to be pampered for the day! At Fantasy Photography, we understand - and give her all the love and attention she needs to create for him, her inmate, the sexy photographs to keep their love alive.


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    • profile image

      elle 4 years ago

      A great project, for help women :)


    • JStallone profile image

      JStallone 6 years ago from California

      You have some interesting and very good points here that did not occur to me. Of course, your work is wonderful!