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Baby Scrapbook

Updated on May 7, 2014

Save Special Memories in a Baby Scrapbook

While your children will not remain babies forever, you can still treasure special memories of them in a baby scrapbook. Such books are not only fun to put together, but can be affordable too, especially if you secure the materials from the Internet. Here are some tips for creating a scrapbook for your little one:

· Use versatile paper - This paper is available in several colors and can support numerous themes as well. For more varieties and options, consider using digital scrapbook paper templates. The software gives you the ability to make and change digital scrapbooking pages via your computer.

· Pick the right size paper and album - Larger pages have pros and cons. They cost more, and will require you to purchase pricier photo albums. However, one benefit is that you will be able to create a grander scrapbook of your child’s most memorable moments.

Image by amygibbsuk
Image by amygibbsuk

· Organize by events and themes - Remember that “organization is the key to quick thinking.” When creating a baby scrapbook, you can do this by arranging them according to events and themes. Some popular themes include animal farm, birthday, Disney, storybook and vacation.

· Carefully use layouts with two images - You should use caution because elements in the scrapbook typically are clustered in sets of odd numbers. For instance, consider the case of placing two photographs on the left and right side of a piece of paper. Both the photographs and the paper would be of an equal size.

Image by Chris Hertel
Image by Chris Hertel

· Use online resources - The Internet can provide you with several resources. This includes ideas and materials for your baby’s scrapbook.

You can save a huge amount of time and money. Find the best advice and the most affordable materials, by doing a little research.

Creating a Baby's First Year Scrapbook

First Christmas

Creating a scrapbook for your baby's firsts - such as first Christmas is a wonderful way to remember their first year. Image is Public Domain from Pixabay
Creating a scrapbook for your baby's firsts - such as first Christmas is a wonderful way to remember their first year. Image is Public Domain from Pixabay

Ideas for Making a Baby Memories Scrapbook

There are so many “firsts” and memories that you will want to record in the first few years of your child’s life. Choosing which events to make the focus of a page in your memory book can be a challenge.

Creating a memory book just for baby’s first year is a good way to start – with a page for each month plus an additional page for each milestone that you want to remember; such as first smile, first tooth, first crawl and first steps. Don’t forget to have a camera handy at all times to record these important moments.

A handwritten note by one of the proud parents or grand-parents can make a treasured addition to a memory page. Write down your feelings about your baby’s achievements as this will make a personal record to look back on in later years.

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