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Basic Woodworking Terms To Understand

Updated on August 10, 2010

Basic Woodworking Terms To Understand

To get started in woodworking there are a few important steps you should take, one being to learn at least the basic woodworking terms. This will make it easier to follow patterns and work as a team with others on larger woodworking projects. Linear foot for instance is one of the most commonly used woodworking terms. This refers to the measurement of the length of a board and is important for projects because you always need to measure twice and cut once.

Miter gauge is another woodworking term, one that you’ll hear quite often in projects ranging from simple to complex. A miter gauge is a specific type of tool used in woodworking, which can be slid in to work with a variety of woodworking tools. You may use it in your table saw or router table and it helps by adjusting to different angles to get the most variety of cuts with your machines. Plate joint is a term that describes a butt joint that has been reinforced with a biscuit.

When you’re learning the basic woodworking terms you’ll want to learn about the term check. The term check is used in woodworking, referring to a split in the ends of a board. Collets are bit holding devices used on routers and which can also be used in CNC milling machines. Joiners are handheld plants that are used to straighten the edges of boards.

The term milling is used to describe the act of cutting lumber from logs. Kickback is an important term to learn when getting started in woodworking because it can be dangerous. Kickbacks happen when boards come flying back at the operator, thrown back because of a kink in the wood or a dull blade.  There’s no need to worry about overwhelming yourself and trying to learn too much when you’re just getting started in woodworking.

Woodworking is certainly an enjoyable hobby, one that many people around the world spend time on. However, you’re going to get frustrated and have a much greater risk of getting hurt if you don’t understand the different terms used in woodworking. Woodworking is a great way to express your creativity and have fun doing it. You can make everything from lawn figurines to jewelry boxes and either keep them to treasure for yourself or hand them out as gifts.


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