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Battery Operated Candles: Buy Christmas Candle Lights

Updated on July 7, 2011

If you are on this page then it's probably that time of year again. The air is starting to become cooler, the trees are shedding their skin, the sun is setting a little bit earlier. Summer to fall, fall to winter - and winter means Christmas. And Christmas, like many of you know, comes with responsibility.

At least I hope so.

Christmas lights, presents, big family dinners, giving, sharing, loving - the list Christmas needs and wants goes on and on. It's a big list, but it's not a stressful list; at the end of it all it brings a feeling of warmth, of belonging. That doesn't mean, however, that it can't be stressful.

Imagine the scenario:

It's Christmas eve and the tree still isn't up. It's in the front yard and, for some odd reason, you have decided that you'll put it up the day before Christmas. It'll be a fun family thing, you think, something we can all do together; bonding, even. Of course problems occur and before you know the kids are yelling that it's almost Christmas and they still haven't opened any of their Christmas eve presents.

Uh-oh, you think, we still haven't lit the candles. Where are the matches again?

Luckily a little device called a battery has been invented and it can be a life saver. Battery operated candles are a great convenience and can be some of the best Christmas candle lights in your repertoire.


What are Battery Operated Candles?

For centuries the idea and use of candles have been constant. For some reason we love the flickering light that barley lights the room, or the small waft of fragrance that fills the nose from time to time; it has become traditional. Take Christmas time, for example. For many families the lighting of the tree involved using Christmas candle lights. Using normal candles to light the tree, although traditional, always posed the risk of fire. What are battery operated candles? Well they are battery candles that take the risk out of decarating the tree without taking away the tradition.

Christmas trees can look good with battery operated candles.
Christmas trees can look good with battery operated candles. | Source

Battery operated candles are made out of real wax but instead of being lit by a flame, the light is generated by LED bulbs, which are in turn powered by batteries. The greatest aspect of this relationship is that the LED bulbs (which are much more efficient than normal bulbs) flicker like a real flame would; from a far you can't even distinguish the difference between the two.

Battery operated candles can be used for other purposes other than Christmas candle lights, but the way they are designed and their functionality suggest that they are best used as battery Christmas candles. Battery operated candles usually use lithium batteries which last, on most occasions, up to 40 to 50 hours; some battery candles will last up to 180 hours. Compare these numbers to a normal candle and you know where you save money.


Battery Operated Candle Lights

Here is a list of different battery operated candles that feature as Christmas candle lights.

  • Battery operated tea light candles
  • Battery tea lights (small)
  • Battery tea lights (tall)
  • Scented battery lights
  • Automatic timer flame less candles.
  • LED battery operated candle.
  • Color changing Christmas candle light.
  • Battery operated candle lantern.
  • Glitter Balls
  • Christmas tree clip-on candle.


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