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Greek Mermaid Beadwoven Bracelet Pattern

Updated on September 12, 2012

Elegant Beadwoven Bracelet You Can Make

This is a free beadwoven bracelet pattern that you can complete either by beadweaving on a beading loom or by beading with square stitch. The subtle design in this shimmery bracelet is evocative of ancient Greece. The colors would suit a mermaid. Use my colors, or try high contrast colors (such as black and silver) to make the design 'pop'. Of course, you can extend the pattern to make a necklace if you like.

Materials List for the Greek Mermaid Bracelet Pattern

4-grams Delica DB167 Rainbow Opaque Powder Blue Beads

3-grams Delica DB166 Rainbow Opaque Kelly Green Beads

Gray Nymo B or similar thread

Beading Needles (size 10, 12, or 13)

4-Sterling Silver Bead Tips

1-Double Strand Sterling Silver Box Clasp

34 gauge wire to reinforce beadwork at clasp

Loom or Square Stitch

Width: 11 beads (12 warps)

Height: 101 beads

Finished Size About 5/8" x 6-3/4" using Delicas

Greek Mermaid Bracelet Pattern - Tips for Loom Weaving

Warp the loom with 12 warp threads. Be sure that you understand how to increase and decrease before you begin weaving. There are multiple methods - feel free to e-mail me if you need assistance. The piece may be woven end-to-end or starting at row 6 (first full row). Length may be adjusted by adding or subtracting rows equally from both ends.

When you get to split loom sections (e.g., Row 17) first complete five rows at one end using the first 4 warp threads only. Next, weave back through these rows and thread back through the work to line up for a section of single-bead rows. Weave the next set of five rows between warp threads 5 and 6. As before, weave back through these rows and into the work to line up for the next series of single-bead rows. Work in this fashion until you are ready to start the next full row. You may weave from both left and right or can weave back through the piece to line up for one-sided weaving.

After the weaving is completed, cut the piece from the loom and weave the warp threads back into the piece. One method of finishing the bracelet is to use warp threads 3,4 and 9,10 to secure a double strand clasp. I ran each pair of warp threads up through a silver bead tip, knotted them around a small glass bead, and ran them back into the loomed portion to hide the threads. The bead tips connect to the clasp.

You may wish to reinforce the rows on both ends with fine gauge wire to prevent any beads from getting pulled out of alignment over time. To do this, thread a length of wire approximately 4 inches long through the first row. Center the wire and feed it through the next row from both sides. Pull the wire taut and conceal the wire ends in the first row. The colors used in this bracelet result in a very subtle pattern. Substitute colors with more contrast if you would like the pattern to stand out. Black and silver look very nice!

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