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Beauty All Around Us

Updated on February 2, 2014
Gorgeous Little Things
Gorgeous Little Things | Source


"Beautiful" is a word used to describe the appearance of objects that give a lot of pleasure when seen. Seeing something can mean not only acknowledging the image of it, but also feeling it and even figuring out its story. One can see beauty in lots of places, but there are many things that tend to be ignored just because they don't seem to have any extraordinary characteristics. If one focuses on small things and keeps an open mind, there are a lot of details that can be noticed, and if so appreciated, those things can be described as being beautiful. Of course, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so there is no right or wrong when it comes to judging beauty.

white wall texture
white wall texture | Source

The Beauty Of A Simple Wall

A wall can be simple ore more complex. Complex walls that have interesting textures or are painted in creative ways tend to be quickly noticed. What about simple walls? A simple white wall with no distinctive characteristics and no decorations, can be seen as gorgeous easily: its beauty comes from its exaggerated simplicity that is coupled with inner complexity - because a wall is more than what meets the eye, it was built piece by piece and for a purpose. The fact that it is made out of different components completes its beauty and the reason for which it was built - be it to support a ceiling or just to be there - is part of its story. Even if it sounds foolish, simple walls can be admired for their beauty.

rocky equilibrium
rocky equilibrium | Source

The Beauty Of A Rock

We can find rocks nearly anywhere and probably that is why we rarely contemplate their beauty, unless they are organised in decorative ways by people. But what about the grouping made by nature? At random or not, the way rocks are spread over the surface of our planet is an unique natural design. Now let's look at a simple rock on its own, a regular rock anyone can find on the street. What is beautiful about such a rock, apart form its unique random placement in space, is its uniqueness in regards to its shape, composition, color, and texture. If one also thinks about the fact that it has a long story of its own, one can appreciate its beauty even further. A rock, just like a wall, can be extremely simple and extremely complex, both at the same time.


The Beauty Of A Twig

Green, colorful or leafless, in parks, in forests or lonely, trees are always gorgeous - a masterpiece of nature proudly risen above ground. Individually, its constituent parts are good looking too, even just a twig. A dry, woody, small piece fallen from a branch has its own beauty. As one can easily guess by now, its beauty, just like in the case of so many other objects, comes from its simplicity and from its complexity, from its neat look that is complemented by its history.

This Zen Garden, made out of twigs, rocks and mini walls is not just beautiful, but also a trustworthy stress-relief:

The examples could go on, because there are so many things we don't really focus on and that are simply gorgeous. Unsophisticated, ordinary things are some of the prettiest, even if people don't pay too much attention to them. See the beauty in everything and don't refrain from admiring the smallest details!


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