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Becoming an Artist in Drawing

Updated on July 21, 2015
Drawing is an excellent hobby that allows you to penetrate imagination and let time pass.
Drawing is an excellent hobby that allows you to penetrate imagination and let time pass.

Drawing is a splendid hobby for anyone. It’s what people do to enjoy themselves, relax, and make time pass. Drawing helps make them become inspiring artists. They sense what they see, and then they draw it. If you want to learn how to draw like a pro, check out these tips.

Draw basic shapes

For beginners wanting to draw, they should learn the basics: shapes, simple lines, etc. The shapes help you come up with human figures, cartoon characters, practically anything. Just sit down and draw different shapes like circles, triangles, squares, and cubes. Then let those shapes help you draw a funny face. The circles are usually suited for eyes, and the triangular helps you draw the nose. But only draw what’s in your mind; don’t actually draw what you see just yet.

Use your imagination

It’s important to use your imagination before you even grasp a pencil or crayon. You can draw anything or anyone you want. What comes to your mind? Try to think of something that’s fascinating. Ponder something beautiful, like a night sky. It could be a spaceship floating through space, or colorful flowers in a garden. Picture a person, like your spouse or someone else you love. Drawing takes a lot of effort into thinking before you do draw.

When you start drawing, sketch whatever inspires you the most.  You can think of something pleasant, such as a child munching on cotton candy.
When you start drawing, sketch whatever inspires you the most. You can think of something pleasant, such as a child munching on cotton candy.

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Take time sketching

Now it’s time to sketch. But let’s not get hasty about drawing, because it takes time and patience. It’s best that you just sketch whatever is in your mind. Use some paper to practice some sketching. There’s no particular type of paper you should draw on. It could be printing paper, notebook paper, a sketchpad, anything you’re comfortable with.

Then go ahead and sketch your thoughts out. They can even be just circles or squares. Eventually, they’ll become a person, or something as breathtaking as the Amazon River. Try sketching a same picture every day. Afterwards, the more you sketch, the more you’ll get used to.

Again, practicing sketching increases your ability to draw well.
Again, practicing sketching increases your ability to draw well.

Get comfortable drawing

Finally, you have familiarize yourself with whatever picture you were sketching and it’s time to literally draw. You can draw with anything. Crayons, colored pencils, markers, paints are only a sample of what you want to portrait. There’s no magic spot for you to begin your work, but you do want to be comfortable as possible. A quiet park on a sunny day is the perfect setting for any artist. You can sit on the ground cross-legged, or lay on the ground to work.

Another way get comfortable is by using a desk with good lighting. The desk should be large enough for your arms to freely have space. See if you can sit near a window, perhaps where the sun is shining.

Practice drawing wherever you feel comfortable, even at a shopping mall.
Practice drawing wherever you feel comfortable, even at a shopping mall.

How to Do a Simple Drawing: Drawing Tutorials

A professional artist would continue to practice and practice without stopping. That’s what you should do to become good in drawing. You can always sign up for an art class to apprehend drawing basics, but this is something you can still do in your leisure time. After all, it’s all about creativity. You just have to let your mind sink in.

YouTube video credit: Howcast


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    • Samuel Smart profile imageAUTHOR

      Samuel Smart 

      3 years ago from United States

      Thanks for your feedback! Drawing is a definite stress reliever and I have been drawing since I was a boy.

    • Dbro profile image


      3 years ago from Texas, USA

      Thanks for this nice introduction to the skill of drawing, Samuel Smart. Your advice is very good. It's important not to become intimidated by all the trappings associated with drawing. You are absolutely correct that practice is the key to gaining competence in drawing (or most anything, for that matter). As a drawing teacher, I see the biggest impediment to gaining skill in drawing is fear of failure. It's important to quell those fears and to gain comfort and encouragement from one's early attempts.

      Thanks for providing both in this article


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