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Benefits of a Flickr Account For Your Photo Collection

Updated on September 14, 2019

Without fail, in the last decade, the Internet has certainly made great strides in evolving into a viable social network, efficient news dissemination and gathering facilitator, and of course, alternative commerce trading venue. A delicate and rapidly developing process which had graduated from nurturing infancy, all the way up to a current state of adolescent curiosity in light speed fashion. No longer is this multi-dimensional, fiber optically sparked inner sanctum the equivalent of a completely helpless innocent child trying to gain her balance and footing while continuously honing optimal motor skills, however, still at the growth and experimental stage of life with an insatiable appetite for knowledge, actionable intel, and fresh new direction. Trial and error, persistent and consistent research have ultimately resulted in the delivery of a perpetually expanding online spectrum of ingenious new cutting edge applications and invaluable platforms from which to deliver our unique expressions, delve into oceans of due diligence and research, and consummate personal finance transactions.

Flickr, a widely recognized upload and share online photo holding site, is a prime example of the aforementioned cutting edge platforms which has quickly emerged as one of the more practical and popular templates for all to follow, emulate, and of course use to store and showcase artistic works. This highly efficient global image transmitting and viewing outlet will be in focus and possibly even up for discussion following this brief, detailed, yet hopefully enlightening and enjoyable article. Included within the following entry is an assessment and evaluation related to the many benefits which can be derived from this prominent photo hosting site as a direct result of simply opening an account and becoming a member of Flickr, with a few personal observations and expert insight implanted as an extra added bonus. Just to acknowledge and clarify common sense elements, I do realize with all the positive components of this site comes the inevitable potential issues or disadvantages of using a Flickr type service. But for now, at this point in time, we'll try to focus on the innate benefits and wealth of positive aspects this universally renown image clipboard, photo sharing, and interaction entity has to offer.

<> Why Flickr Exists <>

We gauge the distance, determine the best and most intriguing angle, wait for or prepare the appropriate lighting, adjust the lens, and snap the photo. Without further study, complication, or examination, we have just created one more intricate piece of the historical puzzle which details and chronicles our overall existence, albeit a single frame constitutes a tiny fraction of the entire story to be told within the grand scheme of things, never the less, it's an important documented event which unfolded at a unique time and place that can never be duplicated. The timepiece has ticked, the irreversible grain of sand has fallen, and the shadow has inched ever so slightly to reveal an alternate perspective. Photographs, digital images, pictures, optical captures, are all different names and formats that showcase or frame the same result. A unique visual journey to chronicle history, today.

  • The following entry focuses on how the amateur and professional photographer can benefit by using Flickr and a select few alternative image hosting web sites. Taking pictures is an exciting, entertaining, and vitally essential way to document your life experiences, always exercise prudence and great care to protect their existence and the unique story they tell.

<> Photo Storage & Backup <> Save Hard-Drive Space <> Protect Against Computer Crash <>

I would not be surprised to read statistics which reveal the entire universe of intelligent life, and even the not so intelligent, have either heard of, seen a photo stream image from, or is an active member of the Flickr community. Presumably, participation within the domain is centered primarily on sharing and showcasing expressive works in which members feel are worthy of global audience review. I'm highly confident everyone reading this article would agree it's a great place to highlight and promote a piece of digital artistic splendor, but I'd also wager a solid glistening ounce of 24 carrot gold that some members don't even realize one of the additional inherent, incidental benefits received is an instant backup for every photo uploaded and stored. And yes, we all realize there has yet to be a web site born which is 100% guaranteed, inoculated, and thereby immune to potential unsavory Internet practices perpetrated by individuals or entities who may wish to penetrate defenses and cause mischief, however, even given these specific generic risks and circumstances, I'm a firm believer that Flickr is still a convenient, reliable, and relatively user friendly domain which provides an efficient format.

To elaborate upon the benefit mentioned above, when you download a photo to Flickr, as an automatic consequence, the system instantaneously creates a "Backup" file copy to the original stored on your PC. This backup provides a duplicate copy which diminishes or significantly decreases the chances of losing your priceless pictures forever due to a crash event related to your personal computer, or other unpredictable occurrence. Currently, there are very few ways to protect your photos from inadvertent deletion and thereafter achieving "Lost Forever" status, and they are the following. CD storage, which can entail usage of innumerable pieces of plastic, especially if you are an active photographer or professional. Hard drive storage, a common practice which always presents the inherent risk of permanent photo purge unto an irretrievable void due to unforeseen computer crash. Lastly, memory cards, which is the safest, most secure way to provide additional storage and also peace of mind however, the cost can add up to "Extremely Expensive" for active photographers. In summary, free or even paid sites like Flickr that charge a modest or reasonable fee, can indeed go a very long way to relieve some, or potentially all of the "Storage & Protection" burden.

  • Free Account - 300MB Upload Limit Per Month ( Maximum of 200 Photos Visible ).
  • Pro Account ( Cost $24.99 Per Year ) - Unlimited Upload ( Entire Photo Stream Is Visible ).

NOTE: The Flickr format is a very user friendly way to UPLOAD, DOWNLOAD, & IMPORT PHOTOS

<> Global Exposure <>

Current Options - A free account with limited storage of 200 photos or a pro account which currently costs $24.95 annually for unlimited storage. Not bad for exposure to a worldwide audience. If you're promoting a business or attempting to gain notoriety as an up and coming freelance photographer, Flickr and similar sights just might provide the break your looking for. Is storing 200 of your premier works or the alternate option of storing an unlimited number via the pro account, worth the time and effort to join? Only you can be the judge.

<> Control Photo Viewing Options <>

With the literal "flick" of a switch, you can exercise your incoming viewership options which allows complete control over who in this wide open Internet mega-verse can gaze upon and admire your digital imagery works. An unfiltered choice will allow the entire connected cyberspace populous to have unfettered viewing access to your collection. Another option will grant family members exclusively, and or friends, free unlimited viewing access and sharing rights which can provide loved ones who may live on the other side of the globe, a convenient opportunity to get a long distance look at their grand kids progressing as they grow up. Or, on a more casual, self indulgent note, you can show off that brand new metallic pewter gray Mercedes with you proudly perched atop the hood. ( Careful not to injure the freshly waxed ornament ).

The applications and uses are virtually unlimited. Staying in touch and connecting on a global scale via visual images transmitted instantaneously with a simple click is just one of the many benefits. A long distance family member who may live on the other side of the globe, a close friend, or business associates now have the electronic capability to view an entire photo stream by simply engaging a computer monitor or tablet LCD. Still inconclusive as to the viability of this model in the long run, but first impressions dictate this is an extremely useful and practical Internet development.

<> License With Getty Images <>

Flickr is now partnered with stock photography provider Getty Images who offers and manages a program in which Flickr members using both free and pro accounts, can license selected works for commercial use. According to the Flickr "Help" section on the respective web site, Getty Images currently offers an exclusive licensing agreement to the owner if and when that member's photo or photos are chosen by Getty representatives, and or authorized Editor Scouts. If selected, the images become part of the company's commercial use stock photo inventory and program out of which the owner/creator can receive monetary consideration/ compensation according to expressed terms of the agreement.

Essentially, if you are interested in potential monetary compensation for your artistic expressions, the Flickr/Getty program provides every chosen member the opportunity to participate by selling their works, or partial rights thereof. According to the Flickr web site, Getty Images Editors are constantly reviewing the immense Flickr catalogue to determine which photos meet designated criteria and then invite respective candidates to consider an exclusive licensing agreement through the program.

Benefits Review

  • Increased Storage Capacity
  • Computer Crash Insurance / Protection
  • Global Exposure
  • Viewer Management Options
  • Potential Monetary Consideration Through Getty Images
  • User Friendly Import / Download Features

- It can require a virtual endless stream of Cash, Memory Cards, & CD's to store a lifetime of invaluable digital images -
- It can require a virtual endless stream of Cash, Memory Cards, & CD's to store a lifetime of invaluable digital images -
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