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Buy the Best Canon Rebel Macro Lens... For You

Updated on September 28, 2010
Can't make up your mind about which Canon Rebel Macro Lens is right for you?
Can't make up your mind about which Canon Rebel Macro Lens is right for you?

Which Rebel Macro Lens?

Choosing a Canon Rebel Macro lens that is ideal for you is a combination of precisely what the lens will do and your financial resources. Which macro lens should you decide upon?

Getting a Canon Rebel Macro lens that may be just right for you is a mixture of precisely what your budget is and what the lens is capable of. Which macro lens should you pick?

Canon Rebel DSLR cameras can be purchased in numerous models. The most recent is the Rebel T2i, and the most ancient that may continue to be ordered new is the Canon Rebel XSi. There is quite a bit of variation between the models, nevertheless the thing common to each of them is that they are the beginner's digital SLR cameras in the Canon line.

A Canon Rebel Macro Lens was necessary to get this shot of a bee.
A Canon Rebel Macro Lens was necessary to get this shot of a bee. | Source
Zinnia closeup photo
Zinnia closeup photo
Sulfur Butterfly - one of my favorites
Sulfur Butterfly - one of my favorites
Product shots are so much easier with a good prime lens (macro)... in this case, a Canon 50mm f/1.4.
Product shots are so much easier with a good prime lens (macro)... in this case, a Canon 50mm f/1.4.
That's me - Not with My Canon Rebel, but the macro lens is there.
That's me - Not with My Canon Rebel, but the macro lens is there.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowing the sensor size of your Canon Rebel is important when deciding upon a Rebel Macro lens that is suitable for you.

You see, there are several macro lenses that will suit the camera, regardless of whether you are the owner of the newest or the most seasoned Rebel. In actual fact, ALL macro lenses manufactured for Canon will fit.

Couldn't be any easier. Just pick one. But hang on. Is it possible that there is a BEST Canon Rebel Macro?

Now I'm contemplating that in the event that you own an entry-level digital SLR, you may possibly prefer to go lightly on the budget.

In cases where you laid out roughly $700 for the camera, would you want to pay an additional $600 or $900 for a lens that does close up pictures? Those types of costs will get you one of the Canon 100mm macro lenses. You will find two, one of which is an "L" lens, the very best that Canon makes.

Remember that, if you choose those types of rather pricey lenses, you're going to get a first-rate portrait lens too. That's merely because the 100mm lens is terrific for portrait work... Truly great.

Other possibilities are lenses in the same focal length range made by either Tamron or Sigma. One of these would save you about $100.

To be able to go much more affordable, you might consider a zoom lens with a macro setting. For example, the Sigma 70-300 provides a macro switch on the lens that does something to the controls that actually rates it as a macro. Even so, you still cannot get really near to the object, and the quality is not nearly competitive with the alternative lenses mentioned previously. One good thing could be the price - under $175. And this lens does a decent task of taking other styles of shots because its primary job is not as a macro.

Another option is to consider a shorter focal length. As an example, you will discover lenses at 50mm and 60mm which are true close up lenses. They run about $300.

The very first thing that is significant to keep in mind is that taking pictures of minuscule stuff does call for distinct technology and special lens glass. Getting a single focal length means that you can get far better image quality, much better than having a zoom lens. Additionally your distance from the subject is going to be shorter using a "real" macro lens.

Selecting the best Canon Rebel Macro lens ought not to be hard. Take several minutes to consider your priorities. What are you wanting the lens to do, and exactly how much have you got within your purse. Maybe you would be happier patiently waiting until you can pay for an even better lens instead of purchasing now and being dissatisfied with your choice.


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