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Best Inexpensive Computer Controlled Electronic Die Cut Machine For Scrapbooking, Paper Craft, Cards, Vinyl, And More

Updated on March 29, 2014

Buying The Best Electronic Die Cut Machine

If you’re looking for a computerized electronic die cut machine that can cut whatever you feel like. Without having you to buy expensive cartridges, and of course, comes with a lucrative price tag then you’ve come to the right page.

Without doubt, a die cut machine is a must have if you’re really serious about your creativity. And you, of course, want a die cutter that can cut your design, so that you are not limited with the designs that come with a cartridge.

Result, the freedom to design anything you can imagine. Without having you to buy expensive cartridges, because these die cut machines are controlled by software. Design or import anything into the software then mark the cut line and the die cut machine will cut the way you like it.

They not just cut papers. They also can cut lot of others materials too – like paper, cardstock, vinyl, fabric and more.

Though there are a lot of die cut machines are available there, but my extensive research about a die cut machine that is capable of doing intricate cut, precision duplication, smooth edges, and worth every penny spend, finally led me to Silhouette Cameo electronic cutting machine.

Let’s check out more details about the Silhouette Cameo electronic die cut machine in detail.

All images courtesy of Amazon
All images courtesy of Amazon

Few Awesome Features That I Like In Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool

No Cartridge Needed: The Silhouette Cameo is an electronic computer controlled die cut machine that works like a printer. You need to connect this machine with a computer.

That could be a PC, or Mac. It is compatible with both. Install the software that comes with this machine and you’re good to go. Import or design anything into the software and the machine will cut the way you like it.

You don’t have to buy expensive cartridge just to get a single shape on it.

Above all, the software is very easy to work with. It is as simple as Microsoft word, photo editing, web browser, or other popular applications.

There is an extensive library of predefined designs and shapes are available online. If you like any single shape you can buy it. They are very cheap. And, you don’t need to buy an expensive cartridge only to get a single shape on it.

This software works offline, so you don’t need to be online when you’re working on your project. It works fine without the need for an internet connection. However, it needs to be online, only when you wish to purchase shapes from the library of Silhouette website, or you wish to do an upgrade to a newer version.

Amazingly Versatile: The Cameo is simply a versatile die cut machine, in fact the best available at this price point. Whether it is doing complex project that needs precision and perfection or the need of cutting different materials from paper, to vinyl, to fabric. Whatever the task is the Cameo performs like a champion.

It can create complex projects of all sizes from small (1/4” wide) to large (12” wide) and has an unlimited cutting length.


It is super easy creating fabulous scrapbook with the Cameo. It can do all from creating shapes, to titles, to paper embellishments.

In fact, with the included software you can access almost all fonts that are installed in your computer. And you can cut your designs in any size to get the perfect fit for every layout.


Perhaps handmade greetings cards add some extra personal touch in an occasion no matter what it is. And if you like to create your own then the Cameo would be your perfect companion. In fact making duplicate is super easy with the Cameo.


Let’s say you would love to decorate your rooms, your car windows, or projects with your favorite quotes and designs. Easy to cut, self adhesive, and removable vinyl is a perfect way to do that. And the Cameo would cut your favorite designs, quotes, or shapes the way you like them.

Plus you can create your own custom printed T-shirts, jeans, shoes or more with this Cameo die cut machine. Just cut and iron on shapes, designs, phrases in heat transfer material. That’s it. Easy enough, anyone can do.

However, there are lots of other things you can do with this die cut machine. It could be paper crafting, to glass etching project, and more. Perhaps, you’re only limited by your own imagination.

Print And Cut

Without doubt this is a brilliant feature in this machine. It can cut pre-printed pages that have been printed in your home computer. The synchronized cuts are very accurate, matching the desired printed image. This allows an infinite number of printed images and cut shapes to be made.

Brilliant Customer Support

When I am reviewing this product throughout the internet, I found out that customers are very happy with their prompt, quick, friendly, and helpful customer service. In fact, most of the customer says they have an amazing customer service that worth to mention.

What Are Included In The Box?

  • Silhouette electronic die cut machine.
  • Silhouette Studio software for Windows XP/Vista/7 and Mac OS X 10.5.8 and higher.
  • Basic Instruction Guide
  • 50 exclusive cuttable designs
  • Power cable, USB cable
  • 12" cutting mat
  • Cutting blade
  • $10 gift card to the Silhouette Online Store

What Others Are Saying About Silhouette Cameo Electronic Cutting Tool?

This die cut machine receives most positive reviews from its customers on the net with an average 4.5 out of 5 from most reviewers on Amazon itself.

Here are some of the comments to date:

"I love this like a love owning a sewing machine! I can't see myself without it because there are so many uses, including making money."

"Amazing Product AND Customer Service"

"Cuts like Butter - Easy to use! Cuts Great! Software easy to learn! Love all the designs!"

"I love, love, love what it can do! Super fun and I've found tons of uses for it already."

"This is the most amazing crafting tool ever, great for any which thing you can imagine"

Where You Can Buy The Silhouette Cameo Electronic Die Cut Machine?

You can buy this Silhouette Cameo electronic die cut machine from Amazon. At the moment they include free shipping and from what I can tell after comparing prices with other online merchants, Amazon do currently have the best deal especially with the free shipping option. Click below to check out more details about the Silhouette Cameo on Amazon.

Do You Own Silhouette Cameo Electronic Die Cut Machine? All Comments Are Welcome.

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