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Photoshop Tutorials : 12 Awesome Fire Effects Tutorials(MUST SEE!!)

Updated on August 31, 2012

This is my first hub that i wrote by myself. My hub is focusing on photoshop tutorials. Well, for me personally Learning Photoshop is great fun. Especially if i or you can find cool and free tutorials. The problem is to get an inspiring tutorial is as hard as to find a great teacher. But do not be disappointed once before, in this hub i will give you 12 awesome fire effects tutorials. All of this tutorials aren't created by me. I'm only found it all from many sources and thought it would be worth enough if share them to everyone who learning design graphic, digital art or photoshop. Enough talking !! here you go....

1. Wanna make realistic fire with a few simple steps? You were in the right path!! This first tutorial is the simplest but sufficient quality.

View Tutorial

2. This 2nd tutorial is more complicated than the first. You need to use photoshop tools properly. But the end result you get the artistic fire effect.

View Tutorial

3. This tutorial will give you a different methods in making effect. Not too simple but easy to follow

View Tutorial

4. You'll learn to create a 3D text with fire coming from the inside of the document like a hole. COOL! Every tricks will be explained very well in this tutorial. HAVE FUN!

View Tutorial

5. This tutorial is a pretty exciting when followed. Although in the end you have to be more creative for a more satisfactory results. After following this tutorial try to combine it with your own methods.

View Tutorial

6. In this tutorial you will be taught to create a dramatic fire effect by using the photograph of fire. This tutorial is ROCKS!!

View Tutorial

7. Yay! Another 3d burning text. I think this tutorial is not too difficult to follow for the newbie. But you must carefully follow the steps.

View Tutorial

8. It's time to step forward for more complicated thing. You'll understand what I mean when you view this tutorial.

View Tutorial

9. To be Honest! This tutorial is hard enough enough to follow. You need more variety in the use of brush tool. But you will not be disappointed with the effect details. Enjoy!

View Tutorial

10. Some of you maybe have seen this great tutorial. And until now, this is the best tutorial for me to make a realistic fire effects. Very flexible, cool, and easy!! thx to this great tutorial.

View Tutorial

11. Well, tihis one is more complicated than the previous tutorials above, because as you follow it will take a long time. About 12 - 24 hours. OMG!?!! I'm not kidding guys .... So ...i really suggesting you to use graphic tablets for far better result.

View Tutorial

12. This is the hardest tutorial. You need to use your sense when following this tutorial. BTW you will not be able to complete all the steps in this tutorial well, if you do not have graphic tablet (tablet pen). If you not have it, buy it now!! If you confuse when choosing a good graphic pen, You can buy them through my hub. ENJOY!

View Tutorial



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    • camdjohnston12 profile image

      camdjohnston12 6 years ago

      Great pictures! They are really nice. Love this hub!

    • agvulpes profile image

      Peter 7 years ago from Australia

      Nice tutorials. I have tried to make fire on my own but failed to look realistic. These are very good examples and I will bookmark this hub and rate it up Thankyou !

    • tim-tim profile image

      Priscilla Chan 8 years ago from Normal, Illinois

      Very interesting! Thanks for sharing:)

    • SenaDibrata profile image

      SenaDibrata 8 years ago from Denpasar - Bali

      i have some ... i'm going to post it someday

      thx !!

    • UPStar profile image

      UPStar 8 years ago

      I really want to learn more about how to photoshop. Thanks for posting this! Do you have anymore you have done/plan to do?