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Best Websites for Learning How to Knit

Updated on August 26, 2012

Learning to Knit on the Internet

Do you want to learn how to knit? If you don't know anyone who can knit and who is willing to teach you, what do you do? You could take a class, but that can be expensive. My mother taught me to knit when I was only six years old and I continued to knit on and off over the years until about six years ago when I got extremely busy. When I recently picked it up again, I started searching the Internet for knitting sites and was pleasantly surprised to see all of the great knitting information. In particular, there are many websites that include videos showing everything from casting on, to how to make a bobble, to casting off. I couldn't remember how to cast on so I simply consulted one of the videos on and was on my way. Here are some of my favorite websites for learning how to knit, whether you just need a refresher or you're a complete beginner.

Learning ot knit is easy!
Learning ot knit is easy! | Source

Best Websites for Learning to Knit

  • - This is probably the best website overall for learning to knit. Here, you'll find videos for nearly every knitting technique imaginable. You'll see demonstrations here of English and Continental knitting, how to cast on in several different ways, and how to complete a small project. There is information on gauge and pattern reading as well. Finally, if you have a specific question, you can ask it in the forum and get some help from other knitters. Many of the videos here are free but they also have a shop that sells instructional DVD's for more advanced projects. As an added bonus, you'll find a compilation of free patterns to get you started.
  • - Believe it or not, YouTube has an abundance of knitting videos. Simply search for the specific topic you're interested in and you'll find many videos to choose from.
  • - This is a great website with tons of information about both knitting and crocheting. There are step-by-step diagrams for how to cast on, knit, pearl, increase stitches, and decrease stitches. The diagrams are clear with verbal instructions below them. I do find it easier to see an actual video but this site is worth checking out. In addition to the step-by-step instructions, you'll find starter patterns, information on how to read a pattern, top questions and answers, discussion forums, and helpful links to other knitting resources.
  • - This website is run by a yarn manufacturer but is also a great resource for those wanting to learn more about yarn including how to choose the right yarn and how to care for your projects when they're completed. There are also free patterns that use Caron's yarn.
  • - This website isn't really for beginners but it's worth mentioning. For those who love to knit, this is a great resource to advance your skills, talk to others who knit, check out new and more advanced patterns, and shop for the latest and greatest yarns, patterns, etc. There are artisan yarns as well as unique patterns that just make this a great website that will really get your creative juices flowing. The magazine is published quarterly and includes topics of interest to knitters.

Learning to knit can be frustrating at first but once you get the hang of it, it's relaxing and rewarding. Stick with it and use the websites mentioned in this article. Soon you'll be making scarves, hats, and even sweaters with your newfound skill.


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