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Blacksmith Classes

Updated on August 30, 2010
Blacksmith Class Using Air Hammer.
Blacksmith Class Using Air Hammer.
Blacksmith Class Student Forge Welding
Blacksmith Class Student Forge Welding
Blacksmith Class Student Punching and Drifting
Blacksmith Class Student Punching and Drifting

Blacksmithing Lessons What you Should Look For.

Blacksmith classes or blacksmith schools are the way to start blacksmithing. Taking one course in blacksmithing will get you well underway in this ancient craft. You can poke around by yourself but you will find that you learn much more with a teacher.

Mistakes can be caught and corrected early so that you can do the work the easiest way and with out harming yourself.

Blacksmithing is a great craft that is built on step by step fundamentals. A basic blacksmithing classes should include :

  • Safety
  • Controling Your Fire
  • Heat control on Your Steel and Correct Forging Temperatures
  • Pointing, Shouldering, Drawing Out, Curling, Flattening
  • Use of Fullers, and Cross Pein Hammers
  • Scrolling, Twisting, Notching, Heat Treating of Tool Steal
  • Punching, and Shop Layout

More Advanced blacksmithing classes should include:

  • Forge Welding, Splitting, Drifting
  • Riveting, Square Corners, Knife Making
  • Pattern Welding, Texturing, Assembly
  • Collaring, Wraps, Butchering
  • 3D Sculptural Punch Work.

As a student in a blacksmithing class expect a certain amount of blood sweat and tears. This is a manual skill that takes a lot of practice to get good at. The good news is that after your first course you will be able to make many things and understand the dynamics of working with hot steel.

Many people are starting blacksmithing as a hobby or as business income. It can be very rewarding personally to create things from raw materials. Be aware that to become a good blacksmith really takes practice. So even though you have take some courses you will still have to put in the hours to start creating exceptional pieces.

Too many people rush into blacksmithing thinking that after a weekend blacksmith class they will be able to open a profitable business. Give yourself about 3 years of working in this craft to start to make money. Keep taking lessons to further your skills. Learn from other smiths and at conferences but practice, practice, practice. This is how you get good.

Finding a blacksmithing teacher in your area can be a bit tricky. First dig around blacksmith websites using Google. Try to locate an organization of blacksmiths in your part of the world. Contact the organization closest to you and you may be surprized to find a smith that teaches not far from you.

If you are in the Ontario Canada area and looking for courses near you click on Ontario Blacksmithing Courses for more information in this area of the world. For other areas just type in Your place name and blacksmithing classes and this should start you on your way.

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