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Blogs that Inspire! 30 Knitting, Crochet and Other Crafty Blogs.

Updated on October 30, 2012

What inspires you? Personally, I am inspired by crafting. I love to see the little ways that people express their own creativity. You don’t have to have a ton of talent to craft something, although many crafters do have amazing talent. What you need is the drive to create something, a drive that I think all of us have and I’m inspired by the people who put it out there, honor it and celebrate it. If you feel the same way then you are someone who could easily be inspired by the crafty blogs on this list which include blogs about knitting, crochet, photography, party planning and more.

1. Jimbo's Front Porch. This is the blog of a cool guy who makes handcrafted crochet hooks out of wood. That makes it a cool blog in the sense that it combines a traditionally feminine craft (crochet) with a traditionally masculine craft (woodwork). Unique!

2. Jimmy Beans Wool Blog. This is the blog of the yarn company of the same name. If you are someone who enjoys working with yarn and gets inspired by walking into a yarn store then you will understand the inspiration appeal of this blog.

3. Juicy Bits. What if you tend to drift towards fabric stores more than yarn stores? That’s totally okay in the crafting world, too! This blog about sewing and fabric design could definitely appeal to you if you like fabrics.

4. Just a Girl. A mom's blog about creative things. If you aren’t interested in specific crafts but just crafting and creative life in general then you can definitely find inspiration and ideas in this blog!

5. Just Julee Designs. This is a crafty blog that seems to currently have an emphasis on knitting but also has some other crafts in the archives, which suggests it’s the kind of blog for people who like knitting but aren’t afraid to get inspired by other things as well!

6. Kaeli's Kiwis. This general crafting blog and personal life blog has lots of giveaways and tips. Both of those are interesting ways to get inspired to do something new to express your own creativity.

7. Kara's Party Ideas. This is a blog about party planning. That can be a much more creative endeavor than you could ever realize if you didn’t think about it. Check it out for some entertainment inspiration!

8. Karabouts. This is a blog about amigurumi, a type of Japanese-inspired crochet (or knitting) that produces cute little creatures that are fun and adorable. Making something so cute is a great way to express a fun side of yourself!

9. Kate Landers. This is another party planning blog but it’s specifically about planning children’s parties, which requires a unique type of creativity all its own!

10. Kensington Blue. This craft blog is primarily about photography. If you enjoy and feel inspired by seeing beautiful images then you may be inspired by this blog!

11. Kitty Grrrlz. This is a blog about knitting as well as about spinning yarn. People who enjoy fiber arts will find something inspiring here!

12. Knit and Seek. This is a knitting blog so if you’re specifically interested in that craft then it’s one to check out and enjoy.

13. Knit and Tonic. Here’s another knitting blog.

14. Knit Purl Gurl. And yes, one more knitting blog. All of these blogs have their own voice and can provide inspiration to people interested in different crafts as well.

15. Knitabulous and Her Yarns. This knitting blog is one that emphasizes the joy of yarn. I definitely find yarn inspiring so I can get into this one even though I don’t knit.

16. Knitspot. This knitting blog publishes patterns, reviews and interviews. That makes it a great resource for someone who needs an actual project to get inspired to do something.

17. Knitterguy. Photo-rich life and work blog of a knitting guy. I really enjoy craft blogs written by men because they have such a different perspective and approach to crafting compared to women’s blogs. That makes it inspiring in a new way.

18. KojoDesigns. This is another party planning blog but it’s also a blog about sewing so you get a few different creative options as a reader of this blog. If you like to entertain but also enjoy the solo part of crafting for your guests before they get there then you can find a lot of inspiration in this beautiful blog.

19. Kristen Tendyke. Kristen Tendyke is a crochet designer and you can learn more about her work from this blog. It’s inspiring not only for people who enjoy the craft of crochet but also because it shows you the perspective of someone who designs for a living, which is a creative thing all on its own.

20. KS My Stitch. Blog of the Kansas chapter of the Crochet Guild of America. With a blog name like that you know there’s something fun here, right?!

21. Laurel Hill Knitting Needles and Crochet Hooks. Latest knit and crochet "in the news", some patterns and crochet hook reviews. If you get inspired by seeing the tools that you would work with in a craft then you might want to bookmark this one and refer to it for inspiration.

22. Lazy Seamstress. This blog about crafting shares a lot of stuff about sewing and then some other craft stuff, too. I find it beautiful and fun even though I don’t sew myself.

23. Leigh’s Fiber Journal. This fiber artist’s blog is somewhat infrequent but I like it because it shares a truly artistic approach to crafts like knitting that are not always considered creative.

24. LetaMarieDesigns. A jewelry maker blogs about many different aspects of life and creativity, making this an inspiring blog for people who enjoy jewelry crafting but also for other crafts.

25. Life By Hook. This is a crochet blog. I find that it’s a fun blog to follow since I am someone who enjoys crochet.

26. Lil Blue Boo. This is an interesting blog because it’s half a sewing blog and half an art blog. It takes two different things that the writer loves in the creative world and combines them in one space. That juxtaposition creates interesting inspiration.

27. Lila Tueller Designs. A fabric designer's creativity blog. If you don’t know anything about the creativity required to design fabric then you may find this blog really educational. If it’s something that you do know a little bit about, you can certainly still find it beautiful and inspiration.

28. Lily Cottage Creations. Helen writes mostly about knitting and sewing but is new to crochet and is now blogging about it too. Kudos to anyone who continues developing their craft skills and creativity over time!

29. Lion Brand Yarn Blog. Knitting, crochet and yarn-y posts from the yarn company of the same name.

30. Little Girl Pearl. A mom makes clothing for little girls and shares all about that creative process in this blog. Whether you like making clothing or just like seeing someone else’s creative path, this is a blog that has the potential to inspire you.


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    Kitting 4 years ago

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    Sally Gulbrandsen 4 years ago from Norfolk

    Very useful resource, definitely going to spend more time checking these out. Thank you so much.

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    Natasha 5 years ago from Hawaii

    I love crafting! I can't wait to spend my afternoon checking these out.

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    Brenda Kyle 5 years ago from Blue Springs, Missouri, USA

    Thank you for such a wonderful list. I will refer back to this for sure. I love to craft and you are an inspiration to earning a great income on hubpages.

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    Sara Duggan 6 years ago from California

    Love crafting - especially crochet and am glad I found you on Hubs. Just signed up here a couple of months ago - 1000+ hubs is insane.

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    MM Del Rosario 6 years ago from NSW, Australia

    I love crafting and enjoy checking out Crafty blogs, thanks for this compilation. Bookmarked!!

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    Thanks for this little gem. I vote up/useful.

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    RTalloni 6 years ago from the short journey

    These are going to be such fun to peruse! :) Love your craft resource hubs!

    Thanks again!

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    MaryCola 6 years ago from Georgia

    Wonderful Hub.