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How to create Brilliant Photographs

Updated on July 25, 2016


Photography is essentially capturing a moment in time and displaying it in a unique fashion. It can be easier than you think to create stunning photographs like the ones you see in contests and magazines. All you need is time, patience, and a little magic

Macro Photo

Copyright Levi Perry
Copyright Levi Perry

As you can see in the photograph above, creating brilliant photographs is easy. I used a Canon point and shoot camera and a program called Lightroom. That's it. But before you can create photographs like this, you have to pick a genre of photography. The above picture is in a category called macro photography.

Why did I choose Macro?

Some people would say that starting out with macro photography is one of the hardest genres to get into. Personally, I like to reveal tiny details otherwise we would not see with the naked eye. As you can see, you can create some stunning worlds that are hidden inside everyday objects. One thing I will add is with photography, whichever genre you choose, you must have passion for it. Have fun with photography and explore many different types; this will make you a better photographer all around.

Types of Photography


Here is a list of equipment you need to get started making brilliant photographs:

Camera - This is the single most important piece of equipment because otherwise how will you take photographs? You can choose from many manufacturers from Canon, Fuji, Nikkon, and much more.

Lens- While having a camera is great, you will not get far without a decent lens. The lens is how the picture is magnified and displayed. Different lenses portray different photographs for example you wouldn't use a portrait lens for a macro shot. Some lenses are multipurpose however so choose wisely.

Tripod- A tripod is often overlooked because people think that their arms can stabilize the camera enough to get a good shot. I would not get into this habit of thinking. The tripod you select can make a big impact on how clear your shot becomes.

Software- Post processing images is not a bad thing! Software enhances your picture to bring out clarity, boost saturation, and create stunning photographs otherwise you would need a very expensive camera to produce brilliant photos out of camera.

Equipment Suggestions

Below I have listed a couple of pieces of equipment I personally use for macro work. However you can use the lens for multiple purposes. There are many, many other equipment bundles including kit cameras that come with a bag, lens, tripod, and a number of other useful tools.

Camera Body Recommendation

Olympus Evolt E500 8MP Digital SLR (Body Only)
Olympus Evolt E500 8MP Digital SLR (Body Only)

8-megapixel CCD captures enough detail for photo-quality 16 x 22-inch prints

2.5-inch HyperCrystal LCD display; 5 metering modes and built-in filters, including nine filters for black-and-white photography

Exclusive dust-free technology for spot-free photos

Lightweight ergonomic design

Powered by one lithium-ion battery; stores images on CF, Micro Drive, or xD Picture Cards


Lens Recommendation

Olympus 35mm f/3.5 1:1 Macro Zuiko Lens for E Series DSLR
Olympus 35mm f/3.5 1:1 Macro Zuiko Lens for E Series DSLR

Macro lens to capture fine details

Compact life-size macro

70mm equivalent in 35mm format

Includes case, front lens cap & rear lens cap-SG


What camera brand do you like most?

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Example of Lightroom Post Processing

Copyright Levi Perry
Copyright Levi Perry
Copyright Levi Perry
Copyright Levi Perry

Lightroom Magic

I use a software called Lightroom from Adobe. This software allows you to manipulate any part of a photograph. As you can see above, this photo was post processed using Lightroom. I will post the specs below so you get an idea of what I used.

Beginner Tips in Lightroom

Where to get Seen?

This is a very important question. Once I have my photographs all post processed and looking stunning, where do I get people to see them? Look no further:

Viewbug - A website allowing people to sign up and post their photos, join contests, win gear, and get seen. Personally, I have been a member for 3 years and counting.

Gurushots - Another great website to join contests and win prizes. You do have to vote on other people's photographs to gain exposure, but I find it very helpful as I get new ideas by viewing other people's work.


This is only a small tip of the iceburg on how you can create brilliant images. If you enjoyed this Hubpage let me know!


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