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Budweiser Holds Important Stuff

Updated on March 19, 2009


In this Hub I will tell you of my past present and future. Yeah I'm sure half of you just clicked off the page, thinking I have my own stories and I don't need someone else's' story. I don't blame you. I wouldn't want to sit there and read about someones life unless it was meaningful or very interesting. My stories are all coming from this little box I keep. I am 16 and have been collecting stuff that is important to me and putting it in a little box. I like to call it my Redneck Memory Box. It is not a fancy filing cabinet, or some nice little slick box, filled with folders. Also I would like to apologize for me skipping on the subjects because I am watching Ghost Hunters and I tend to get caught up in the show and forget my track of thought. I will try and stay on topic. Anyway, I just did it, the box is made out of a beer box (Budweiser) and has many different color folders in it. The top of the box has been ripped off and it has the handles on the top. It was a 12 pack of bottles. (Step dad loves Dale Jr.) So let me get the box and pull one thing out at a time and tell you about it.

So the first thing is my yearbook of last year (2007-2008) It was also the last yearbook Danny Stone (R.I.P) made. He was going to be senior at my school when he was killed in a car crash the last day of school. Next I have my black binder I call the “jozey book” It is a binder filled with typed pages of me and old dalmatians stories, from her being hit by a car, her being attacked by dogs, her having puppies for the first time at 11 years old and many more stories. We will save that for another hub though. Next is my sketch book. I love to draw. Even though my drawings are cartoon I love drawing animals mostly dogs and zebras. This book is filled page to page with drawings dating back to 2007. Next I have 2 other year books. From 2005-2007. Those year books are from Culpeper and Overhills schools. I am sure you will figure out I have moved out a lot, actually bunches. I have moved 11 times. I am in the 10th grade. You do the math. Then next I have my Class/School folder. It contains all my progress and report cards in it from last year until now. It also has a copy of my transcript in it. In my next folder, which is yellow my favorite color I have my notes in it. I love keeping all my notes from my friends and reading them years later. In this folder I have mail from Otono (ex boyfriend who moved to NY) Letters from my Step dad when he was in Virginia. Also I have mail from school containing info about me. I also have mail from Untied Country Home Realty (for looking at a house) and I have a letter from Danny. Most of my notes are from Courtney (the backstabber), Jordan (the strayer), Michael (the gay boy), Stormey (the mental one), Vickie (the jealous bug), Katy (the jail burg) and Bri (the new bff).

They contain so many fun memories. In the next purple folder there is many of my drawings that are on separate papers. My favorite pictures are a close up of a dog I did and I picture of a river which took me days each to draw. Nest is my blue folder, which is by far the fattest folder, called memories. (This folder will take the longest to explain) I have a half of dollar which is from one of my friends they gave to me when they were intoxicated. I have a printed wegi board from one long night of talking to spirits. I have movie ticket from were I went to twilight, which is my favorite movie. I have a magnet from Stormey's birthday cake, she gave me the yellow flip flop because I was her best friend at the time. I have an invitation to Brookes' wedding brunch. The ladies all got together before the wedding to have breakfast. (almost like a baby shower but a wedding shower I guess) I have a realigned CD, which is from a night at a bar, watching my cousins band play. I have birthday cards from last year. (all the way back to 15!) I have one of my schools newspaper, one I wrote a “message” in. I have a piece of paper with the dates on it I gave T.J his notes telling him I like him and the date of his responses on it. (he was already taken) I have my favorite quote typed on a piece of paper with dog pictures on it. My favorite quote is “We can judge the heart of a man by his treatment of animals.” by Immanuel Kant. I then have the 2nd note I gave to T.J this year. I have a note back to class for what reason I kept it, I do not know. Then I have Jojo's brochure from his funeral (R.I.P Jo). Then last but not least I have my old kitties tag from her collar. She was a little tabby kitty. I didn't have her long but I am not a cat person and that is one of the only cats I can connect with. Next blue folder I have all my phone information in a folder, this one isn't really for memories but for the keeping of important information.

Then comes my random folder which is also blue and carries..well..random stuff. I have the lyrics from Jesus Take the Wheel which use to be my favorite song. I have a whole page of printed picture of some cute dogs. I then have a flyer of Obama because I supported him, and because he was our first black president. I have a miniature poster of Eminem, because I use to have the biggest crush on him when I was little. Now that I grew older and understood his music, I'm not that big of a fan. I have a 7 page packet of jokes. A packet filled with 75 Weird animal facts. Did you know cows poop 16 times a day?

I have a poem/song that I wrote for a Romeo and Juliet project I had. Then I once was in crazy love and wrote “I love Otono” in 3 rows and 3 columns once on each line and on 15 pages. =] Yes, I was in love. Next in the red folder I have my dog fair information. I plan to have a dog fair for my senior project so I have all that plans and information in it. Next is another blue folder holding all my “plans” information, which has the online High School I want to go to, a Survival kit for sophomores, and a Campbell University Brochure. Also if you read my other hub “Psychic Children” then you know of my powers and I am trying to predict the future. So I have a sheet in there which I predicted stuff to come in 2009. Next is yet another blue folder this one tells of my rats and all their health information. I use to breed rats so I had to keep up with litters and owners and health information. I still have it because I still have one rat. (Marko) Next is a red folder which has my Adam Sandler list. I collect his movies and I have a list of everything he has out and I cross out each time I get one. (I also have a hub on him) Then comes my dogs folder which is just like the rat folder. It holds all the information about my dogs. I have a total of 5 dogs currently. This also has my book I started writing about dogs. (its very interesting maybe I will write a hub about it one day, let me know if you want to hear about it.) Next is a purple folder named Driving which has all my information in it from Drivers Ed, and the from to the parking spots at school. Next is a yellow folder which like the dogs and rats folder contains information on my Mice. A red folder comes after that, it is called awards. In it is my awards from A-B honor roll, perfect attendance and my grade diplomas. Last but not least I have my picture folder, which is the 2nd fattest folder in the box. Is a stuffed yellow folder holding pictures from before I was born till yesterday. It holds 236 Pictures in total. They have friends, pets, family, occasions, and many different get together, I also have class picture in there. The last thing I have in my box is a quarter book. It has different years and states in the book. You place a quarter in the whole and keep it in there to be able to look back and see how much money has changed.

That concludes all my folder and my redneck box. I have nothing else to say but I hope you liked it and please let me know if you like it. It is very random and boring I know. Just let me know. T




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