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Can Sewing be Revived?

Updated on February 5, 2017

Can there be a revival in sewing? Is it a lost art to be forever buried under the bolts of fabric, piled high on sales tables in fabric stores across the land? Is there anyone who wants to learn how to zig-zag, replace a missing button, fix a broken zipper, whip stitch or hem a pair of pants?


All is not lost. There is hope that sewers will keep on sewing and pass along their craftsmanship to the non-sewers who are waiting in the wings to discover an old, yet newfound art; better yet, will the young women and men of the millennial generation and their older Generation X counterparts tap into sewing as a do-it-yourself activity and continue to go green as well as tout sustainability with their selection of the right fabrics and sewing tools to do so?


Yes, these generational wonders can and likely will tap into sewing and will either use it now or in the future as an added sideline benefit in their creative decisions and life pursuits. Though they may not have had the same exposure as their predecessors did to the art and value of sewing, they're savvy enough to know about how sewing can fit into a sustainable lifestyle, so they'll eventually figure out a way to learn about it and fit it into their lives.

The bug has already bitten some of the younger generation as they have proven that they can sew handmade garments, which young mothers have in making their own cloth diapers and other durable clothing items. When it comes to sustainability and green issues, millennials are interested in doing what's best for their children and the environment.


With the resurgence of DIYers, which includes all generations, who are both young and old and range across all demographics, sewing projects and crafting blend right in with the new technologies that DIYers like to acquire to create their latest sustainable handiwork and repurposing projects. Their kind of projects could involve something like reusing old denim jeans in a number of ways, such as cutting out baby bibs from the denim, stitching the edges and ties with decorative machine stitching, and embellishing the bibs with fabric scraps or colorful ribbons that are top stitched.

There are high tech sewing tools that will help seamstresses and crafters move from project to project, like the baby bibs, and a quality Elna sewing machine is one option for completing DIY projects in a pinch. These kinds of tools are what have revived sewing, crafting and do-it-yourself projects because newer, "super" sewing machines have the built-in features and capabilities that enable a crafter or seamstress to turn out high-quality sewing projects with handmade appeal, yet lasting quality.

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Crafters and DIYers desire a handcrafted, yet finished look, and that requires certain components, and a sewing machine with the right sewing machine parts can help fabric crafters complete their work with precision. There are sewing machines that fulfill just about every possible sewing need as today's machines provide streamlined shortcuts for not only crafters and DIYers but seamstresses, tailors, quilters, and others that work with fabrics on a regular basis. They want features in a machine that will help them create artistry through fabric and some of those sewing machine options include:

  • Computerized capability
  • Touchscreens
  • Stitch selection display
  • Design stitch combinations
  • Stitching software
  • Built-in thread cutter
  • Built-in needle threader
  • Needle plate conversion
  • Strong needle penetration with fabrics(like denim)
  • Various needle plates
  • Tension dials
  • Speed controls
  • Letter and numbering capability
  • Buttonhole capability
  • Embroidery capability
  • Quilting capability

Quality machines such as the Elna sewing machine have many of the features listed and even more options to help seamstresses and DIYers complete sewing tasks that require special touches. "Super" sewing machines really can make a difference when it comes to putting a garment together. The finishing touches, the stitches, the available shortcuts and the time-saving devices with newer machines make it a pleasure to sew.

Sewing will never die and thanks to hipsters and crafty artists and the like, it's going strong even among younger generations. It might not be exactly the way grandma would do it, or how she would go about accomplishing it, though there are still die-hard seamstresses out there who are old-school and swear that more tedious sewing is something they take pride in doing. It's an accomplishment to many that brings a sense of satisfaction for a job well done. There is something special about creating a garment from scratch, especially when there is a finely tuned machine to help do it, which is what makes the difference in sewing today as opposed to in the past.

New generation seamstresses and DIYers have a lot to be thankful for in the latest sewing machine technology, which can help them make the construction of almost anything fabric and thread related easy to do with successful outcomes. Maybe sewing will be regenerated to a newer and better level than before, with just the right tools to make it possible.


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