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Candle Making Supplies

Updated on March 13, 2011

Supplies For Candle Making

 As mentioned before candle making is a fun way of starting a business, as it relies heavily on an artistic and creative way of working and you must enjoy it to really try hard to make it a proper business and with a business you do need to have the right supplies to make your own candles, there are three requirements for a typical candle and that is the wick, the waxes and candles holders, bearing in mind that candles do come in different colours, and sizes, so you do have to have an idea on what you want to do when making your own candles and what they will look like.

The wax you will need is usually one of two main ones, Beeswax or paraffin wax, both or one will do and to heat this wax, you will also need a good double boiler which is ideal for melting the wax.

You can buy candle molds that will shape the candles from specialist stores or within candle making kits available on Amazon, these are great, but as you get a bit more professional with your candle making you could consider making your own molds for your own candle craft preference. You may find that you might need a thermometer stick and a few stirring sticks to assist with your wax melting by the way, just so you get the right temperature for your wax.

When  adding the wick to your candle a special small tool that is called a wick holder bar can be used to hold the wick directly in the centre as there is nothing worse than having a candles wick looking like a spiral shapes worm in your candle, it gets on my wick when it does that! Ha ha!

If you are using candle molds, make sure that you use a lubricant such as Vaseline or there are special mold sprays you can use, so that the candle slides straight out of the mold easily and always wash your candle molds in warm to hot water to melt away any excess candle wax

Special dye colors make the candles stand out and offer a wider range of colors, you can use these dyes to experiment and try any different color combinations you like as sometimes mixing colors can have some interesting results.

Scents are the next obvious choice for candle making as some smells can relax while others just smell nice and make the whole room have a special ambiance that can help you relax and chill out, usually the rule when adding scents is to add 1 ounce of scent per pound of wax that you melted to create your candles, although this is not a set rule, just a rough guide. There are many scents to choose from so have a look what's on offer.

You can buy candle making supplies at craft stores or online, here we have them at Amazon and a typical candle making kit is not really that expensive if you want to try your hand at candle making as a hobby at first and see how it goes, actually candle making kits will save you money, if you bought all the supplies separate then you would expect to pay out more for them

Candle making is only limited to your own imagination when making your candles, starting out small and methodically is the best course of action and then as your confidence grows, so will your candle making knowledge too with specialist candle making techniques that you will use to make unique and amazing pieces of candle art.

Always be on the look out for accessories to help you decorate your candles such as paints, this is something that first interested me, because you have the base colours and then to add painted designs to your candles, well that to me just seems a better option of making your candles really stand out.

And lastly when first venturing into the world of candle making, invest in a book on how you do it, because these are the best books, ones that walk you through every step of the candle making process, take a look on Amazon, to see if candle making is your thing.



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Candle Making Equipment

Candle Making Supplies to make some candles.      Image source -
Candle Making Supplies to make some candles. Image source -

Candle Making Supplies

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