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Candle making is a wonderful hobby

Updated on August 10, 2010

Candle Making Guide:-

Candle making is a wonderful hobby, and a good way to use your creative energy. The first thing you need to make the candles is something to melt the wax, and most people start with the double boiler. However, 100% Soy wax is not a good choice for making candles as it can crack when the candle cools. It is also more prone to syneresis, which is sweating of fragrance on the top of the candle.

It is best to work with soy blends, but some companies also mix soy wax and paraffin. Choice of wick is another important consideration when making candles, and the size of wick is determined by the width of the container, not by the height of the candle. Thin wicks absorb less liquid wax and hence produce smaller flame and less vapor fuel whereas, thicker wick produces larger flame and absorbs more wax. Dial temperature gauge is a handy tool that gives a good idea regarding temperature of the melting cooker and wax.

Once the wax melts, you can add the fragrance and color as per your choice, but make sure that you use the good quality ingredients to ensure the best burning quality. Colors usually deteriorate the performance of the candles, and as dyes and colorants are not combustible, they can clog the wick. If you want to add more color, use a thicker wick, else it will turn into a mushroom shape. Choose the shape and size of the container so that you can get the optimal burn.

Cylindrical is the ideal shape for a candle as it matches the burn pattern of the wax, and annealed glass is usually the most preferred choice for container. The height of the candle should at least equal to its width, and do not use very tall container as the wick will not get enough oxygen for burning towards the end. To remove the candle from the rigid mold, invert it and tap gently. You will also need a wooden spoon to stir the melting wax, and avoid using the plastic spoons even the high temperature ones, as some of the ingredients can melt the plastic.

Flexible and rigid candle molds are available in the craft stores, or you can also use the heat resistant materials such as tin, steel or aluminum. Tins, cans, cake molds, pots and egg shells also make good molds. Whether you are making candles for yourself or for selling, it is a fun hobby. However, candle making requires some experimentation.


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