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Canon Rebel T2i - Best Rebel Ever

Updated on May 15, 2010
Canon Rebel T2i
Canon Rebel T2i

Canon Rebel T2i (aka 550D)

Canon Camera has certainly smacked a home-run with its Canon Rebel T2i!

The basic level digital SLR is getting rave testimonials just about everywhere in the photography world. It is being touted as the very best sub-$1000 dslr camera now available to buy.

Why all the buzz about? This newest little camera has been receiving headlines all throughout the photography community.. Why?

This opinion is not backed by official data, but it seems that the set of features of the new Rebel is very much like another recent launch in the Canon line-up, the 7D, at approximately one-half the price.

There ARE reasons for the price difference, but unless you are an very discerning expert, it would be tough to tell the distinction in photos and video relating to these two digital SLR cameras.

Arguably the best reason for getting a new Canon Rebel T2i is for the satisfaction that comes from the picture taking experience. The ease of using the controls to command your digital camera to snap the precise image you want. Is it depth of field you want to control? Or do you want to get an award winning action shot of your kid's soccer game? All this is possible with a terrific digital SLR camera.

Are you trading up from a point and shoot.. No more waiting for the digital camera to make up its mind to finally "snap" the picture, seemingly ages after you pressed the shutter button.

Digital SLR customers are truly thrilled about the introduction of video. And with this new model, the quality of the video output is greatly superior. Video is a relatively recent addition to DSLR cameras, and the first few cameras that had video did not do it that well. Today, with the 550D video has attained a stage that is quite impressive. Compact digital camera users who have held out from getting a DSLR camera because of the absence of video are now finding a powerful rationale to finally move up to a DLSR.

Another enhanced component is the low light image capacity. Digital SLR cameras have always been able to generate far better images than digital compact cameras, especially in low light circumstances. Even so, in the past the pictures taken at higher ISO settings (which is essential in low light) have suffered from high noise levels, especially above the 800 ISO level. Now, the Canon Rebel T2i takes pictures at ISO levels of 3200 or 6400 with really low noise. This is a major plus for individuals who like to take pictures at night or at indoor events such as live shows.

A great method to discover whether a new camera is deserving of your attention is to check with individuals who have recently taken their hard earned $$$ and actually purchased one. The quantity of remarks from those people have been on the rise and most are extremely positive.

Some comments recorded at online stores or camera review web sites can be very inciteful. In fact they can help you make up your mind whether the product is what you are looking for. Here are three comments about the Canon Rebel T2i that seemed particularly relevant:

  1. "Have owned all Rebels except the 500D,and this is easily the best. It's the best small DSLR on the market by a good bit."
  2. "I just got the camera (upgraded from the 300D). I didn't think much of the "Live View" as an option before I bought it. I can see I'll be using this as an advantage... The "quick control" button is going to be game changer for me also, it is much easier to see what all the setting are at and I can make changes from the screen directly."
  3. "I'm impressed with the quality of shots in low-low light, this was using kit lens... After parking an older Rebel (film version) for the digital point and shoots, this camera feel like going home after a long loaded with great features."

Is the Canon Rebel the finest entry level digital SLR camera on the market today? There has been virtually no buyer's remorse from recent purchasers, but the final choice must be your own.

Very nice example of high ISO image taken with the Canon Rebel T2i.
Very nice example of high ISO image taken with the Canon Rebel T2i.


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    • thewayeyeseeit profile image

      thewayeyeseeit 7 years ago from Woodstock, GA

      Congrats! You're gonna love it JapanGulu.

    • JapanGulu profile image

      JapanGulu 7 years ago

      Just got mine. Great camera! I love the "real film look" you get from shooting in 24fps!!

    • thewayeyeseeit profile image

      thewayeyeseeit 7 years ago from Woodstock, GA

      Wise choice, premierohiohomes, thanks for commenting.

    • PremierOhioHomes profile image

      PremierOhioHomes 7 years ago from Pickerington Ohio

      I love my Canon Rebel T2i... It is the first DSLR I have ever owned and I did a lot of research before deciding on the T2i... I am a real estate agent and I wanted to be able to take the best photos for my clients to put on my website and I think I am going to be able to accomplish that with the T2i.