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Cards, Crafts and School Projects Ideas

Updated on February 11, 2014


Some are handmade greeting cards, some school project ideas, some are paper pop ups, even pop up architecture and some best out of waste ideas. I have listed few of my works here like a gallery with details. I will keep on adding more images and detailed tutorials of such craft ideas in future on hubpages. Hope everyone will like this and will get some help.


Healthy lunch - School project

This school project is created using only pastel sheets some plain and some handmade textured. All the pop up panels have been cut separately in different sizes, these panels are folded and pasted on another pastel sheet. All the food pictures and pasted around these panels and the center drawing of how a baby grows into a man is drawn, cut out and pasted. Once folded this looks like a big sized card and very easy to carry yet very appealing.


Greeting card - Slide up card

These type of cards are quite famous already, so i tried one and without using any equipments. Only pastel left out pieces have been used for candle cutouts and balloons and even the polka dot effect is done using a punch machine waste pieces. This card stands up and slides down when pressed.

Just one color pastel sheet along with some colored waste paper cutouts is all that you need to make this card. You can also use cutout from old magazines and create a birthday collage and paste on the pane, photos can also be pasted to give it a photo frame look once it stands up.


School project - Polo scene using paper

Here i have shown water polo using paper cutouts. First the images are drawn, cut out and pasted. Now if your school asks to make a chart project on a water sport and you have no idea what to do. What most children do is that they draw everything on the chart and color it and all done. That is also good but to maintain neatness and create good color contrast you can try making your school project like you see in the image. Even the clocks, nets, ball are paper cut outs here.


Best out of waste - Pebble art

If you have white or natural pebbles at home or in your garden just paint some and decorate. And if you don't have then next time remember to bring some from the beach are and make beautiful are pieces on these inexpensive stones. Insects drawn on these pebbles and kept in the garden looks amazing and real.


Pop up craft - Paper pop up cage

Very easy to make, just in 2- 3 steps this cage is done. Kids love this craft but they will need some help in cutting. Just keep a toy dinosaur or tiger inside the bars see how it looks. You can also apply the outer covering in a contrast color to make it more strong.


Pop up craft Paper pop up

Paper pop ups are so interesting that once you learn the technique you can create so many things without any help. I started with just a square or a heart pop up and now you sketch and i will create a pop of that. These are so easy to implement on paper specially two cuts and one fold creates variety of pop ups. Kids also enjoy doing this and can make greeting cards in minutes.


Best out of waste idea- Wall hanging

This has got very good response on internet ever since i posted. Just with the use of few ice cream sticks, paper plate, old magazine cutouts and few colored paper pieces. This looks amazing and takes very less effort to complete the task.


Pop up craft- Flying bird

This one is a flying bird pop up which looks difficult bird it is very easy. In just 2-3 steps you can complete this pop up in minutes. I saw this image on the cover of Paul Jackson book and since then i wanted to make this and finally i got the success. Looks amazing in textured or colored paper. You just need to draw a bird correctly, cut nicely and fold. Kids love this craft but they will need help in cutting.


Best out of waste idea - Basket

This basket is made using left paper pieces which are of no use. The weaving technique is applied on paper strips. You can make variety of other things using colored paper as well. Best way to utilize waste paper or even newspapers.


Kirigami kids craft idea

This is commonly known as kirigami where the paper is folded and cut to create something. Kirigami is a Japanese art, these are quite easy to make and you can use these for birthdays and parties decoration. Colorful paper can also be used and try different shapes. This goes best for kids celebration time because it seems as if they are dancing and celebrating hand in hand.


Kirigami - Snowflakes

Snowflakes is actually a type of kirigami craft where the paper is folded 4 or more time and any design is cut and you get the final result once it is unfolded. Very easy and fun to make, even children enjoy making these.


Pop up paper craft - A Pot

Proper drawing and some calculations is all you need to make this pop up. Very simple steps you need to follow and it looks amazing. It looks tough but it is not. We make it just the way animal cage pop up was done but here all the cuts pops out in one direction.


Handmade Greeting card for Men - Unique

This one also quite a unique greeting card. The lower blue shirt part is unfolded and you can view the message written. A man face drawing is essential if you want this same kind of card otherwise you can paste some image as well. Very easy to make and looks very cute and different specially when hand made.


Handmade Greeting card for men - Unique

This one is unique and very easy to make. For the belt part only you can face a little difficulty but rest is simple. Just an A4 size sheet and some colored sheets of paper is all you need. Nice gift and something that will kept for long.

The tutorial for this one is available in my hubs so anyone can read and try it. Give your response and your first attempt experience.


Pop up piano card - Amazing

Looks great, difficult to make. This one is also a paper pop up with some calculation required. You have to work on 2 layers here but try your first one lesser number of keys. I completely failed in my first attempt. Best gift for music lovers or music teachers.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Handmade Famous endless greeting card

This is a handmade endless card for friendship day where again 3-4 different color pastel sheets are used. This looks amazing and very interesting and gives lot of space for writing messages. Keeps the person involved for a longer time till he or she comes back to the first page. Not at all difficult to make.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Handmade Greeting card with a box

This is a handmade box greeting card which looks like a normal greeting card till it is closed. Once open and you pull both the sides the box opens. Message can be written inside and you ca also put a small chocolate inside it. Everything here is done using just papers in different colors and scissors, no punches or expensive equipments have been used here.

Click thumbnail to view full-size

Handmade Greeting card - Pop up diya

A beautiful diya pop up handmade greeting card for Diwali. This task is really difficult unless you have proper equipments. I have all cut work using normal cutter but a specific cutter can give a much better look. This is also a kind of pop up where same image is cut from both the sides and pasted at the center. The main fold of the card is the point where these two remain attached.

The other image that you can see here is of Lord ganesha sitting, this is also a pop up where the paper pop is done and image is pasted.


School project idea- Uses of water Pop up paper craft

Very easy to carry and not very difficult to make. This is a school project on the topic uses of water where i used a big sized pastel chart and created this large pop up. On each level i pasted some drawing cut outs of water uses. This is very easy to carry because once folded it looks like a jumbo greeting card.


School Project - Pop up craft - Flying bird with feathers

As i mentioned earlier on this hub how i made this pop up flying i i just added feathers on its wings and i used a texture paper to make its body. On the clouds part i pasted a blue sheet. These feathers takes quite a long time to complete because each one is cut and pasted very thoughtfully so that you can see at least 2 layers up and down with no background visible.


School project idea - Birthday chart

This is all done using paper cutouts and no drawing is done on the chart just to keep it neat and bring in contrast. Gift packets are cutouts of printed paper left over pieces. For everything else i have used color paper pastel sheets, drawn, cut and pasted. Below clouds are kept blank for the names and birth dates of all students of the class.


School project idea - Pop up architecture

Difficult? Yes, it is. But not impossible, it requires lot of hard word and mathematics to learn pop up architecture, Calculation is everything here and if turns out perfect it delivers the best results. This is a model of famous church which i created and this was my first attempt to making pop up architecture and i was quite successful in that and so was my students.


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    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Very useful

    • lbrummer profile image

      Loraine Brummer 

      4 years ago from Hartington, Nebraska

      Love your pop-up art. Great ideas.

    • profile image


      4 years ago

      Awesome...... v.much pleased

    • Suzanne Day profile image

      Suzanne Day 

      4 years ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

      Very colourful and creative crafts for school children. Voted awesome!

    • rudra007 profile imageAUTHOR


      4 years ago from India

      Thanks Wonder wool.

    • Wonder wool profile image

      Priyanka Estambale 

      4 years ago from United States

      Amazing ideas! Love the way each pop up represents its own uniqueness.

      Thanks for sharing :)


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