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Carpentry work requiring tools and their maintanance

Updated on March 7, 2012
Hand saw
Hand saw
Carpentry tools
Carpentry tools

Carpentry work

Carpentry work is dealing with wood and wood substitute materials such as plywood, chipboard, oriented strand board and MDF etc., Any product from wood based material are unique in properties. Usage of tools for carpentry job varies one panel to other wood panel products. But as a Carpenter , one should have standard tools, which can deals with any type of wood products. To know more about the tools required , one must have thorough knowledge about the wood products properties and technical know-how to deal with it. Besides one must learn about basic carpentry work also. Carpentry not just cutting , planning or using glue to bind materials. It is art that needs more precision and skilled work, where you can give more aesthetic , artistic look to the wood and wood substituted materials. By this way , we shall satisfy the user end and more knowledge about wood work.

Some of the wood composites commonly used for furniture making and in construction industries as follows.

1. Chip board - laminated chip board, veneer faced chipboard

2. MDF - laminated mdf, veneer faced mdf

3. OSB

4. Hard board

5. Soft board

6. Block board

7. Flush door

Carpentry work requiring tools

Some of the basic hand tools , which we can't forget , when we talk about carpentry work. Those are as follows.

1. Pencil

2. Measuring tape

3. Hammer

4. Chisel

5. Screw driver

6. Jack Planner

7. Plumb bob

8. Spirit level

9. Hand saw

Power tools

Power tools also can be used for perfect and fastest completion of carpentry job. These power tools can be battery operated or electrically operated. Most of the places we shall choose battery operated tools with spare batteries to avoid electrical cable extensions and worrying about power.

1. Drilling machine

2. Screwing machine

3. Nail gun

4. Glue gun

5. Power operated Planner

6. Router

7. Cross cutter

Carpentry tools maintanance

More than other works, Carpentry works needs more attention and precision to get satisfaction of one and all customers. To achieve this , you must using precision but cost effective tools. And maintaining of the same is much important than any other thing. Starting from pencil, each and every tool must be maintained . Even though pencil is commonly used , sharpened pencil is gives more precision for planning and sizing of timber. Thicker the line may lead to under size or excess size.

Secondly measuring tapes, which needs more accuracy due to the cost of raw material and for precision in work. Even calibration can be done by comparing other tapes .

Third comes hand saw, needs regular interval sharpening using triangular file and with proper set. This will assist proper cutting and saves material and hack saw itself.Other wise improper sharpened saw leads to deviation from straight line cutting and heating of saws which looses tension.


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