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Cartoons For Life: Shark Produce Stand

Updated on December 23, 2019

What Really Motivates A Shark? Not Sales...

Sharks at a shark stand selling produce have to have an alternative motive, these guys are also hungry and might see the customers as prey!

Sure, one shark may want to raise money for Shark Tiny Houses, and another plans to raise funds for his program to follow an Oceanography Internship discovering the Mariana Trench. But don't believe it, the other shark has showed his true intentions when he admits the customer is prey, "Chomp, chomp," as sharks are wont to do from time to time.

You are going to have to wonder reading this cartoon, could a group of sharks really pull this off? Pro'lly not, nope not in the cards. Although sharks if seen as people might try it, couldn't say. Would you believe sharks at a shark produce stand.

The idea for this cartoon started first drawing the sharks. They needed to be behind a counter to stay in swimming motion, and the counter was born. Then, as the awning was drawn, it was easy to put a red and white strip on it, just to brighten the scene. Next, the barrels and produce were added on the ground, to show it was definitely a produce stand. Now it was ready for the people.

The two male figures were drawn first, that is why they look similar, nearly father and son almost. Hint: the sayings were placed last. Next, the women were drawn, and one woman in the purple far right was drawn a full few days before and cut into place as she fit this cartoon better than where she had been before.

Notice that the men and women are in high heels, and there is usually at least one man in pinkish high heels to boot. It is only for the hilarity factor, no other reason. It is never mentioned by the cartoons themselves, and levels the playing field to keep everyone in high heels all the time, as it were.

There are also ants crawling up the counter on the left, as there are usually ants in the cartoons crawling around somewhere. This is a take on when someone leaves crumbs out on the countertop, your Grandma, or Maw Maw used to always say, "Leaving out crumbs will bring ants." Well, there are the ants. Sometimes they talk, usually not, but they are in most cartoons as the hidden picture bonus.

Crayola waterproof markers and general colored pencils were used in this cartoon. A few stickers finish off the food entries such as the ice cream, popsicles and cupcakes, as well as the Fox on the green shutter door.

Hope you enjoyed it.


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