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Centuries of Shade

Updated on August 22, 2017

The Colorless Black

The color black has many well-written articles on the effect, definition, and overall meaning. Is this color colorless? The dictionary says, colorless is the state of dullness, lacking, or uninteresting. Black represents mystery and protection. Those in the younger years of life that wear this color is often considered to be goth. This dark pigment is the darkest color of any color group.

In general, it represents aggression, authority, death, elegance, evil, fear, formality, mystery, power, rebellion, seriousness, sophistication, and strength. Affecting body and mind differently in individuals' life. Most that wear black is often looking for protection from the negativity surrounding their everyday life. Business formal parties host black and white parties sometimes all black parties for an elegant appearance.

The absence of the color black leaves both a positive and negative effect on individuals. Giving those in an abusive situation a way to display what they are going through without speaking about the events. Thinking of a deepening sadness, emptiness sensation, gloom, or mourning of a loved one. Appearing in books and movies portraying the villain, now it too represents the hero. Some choose to move away from the color and turn to brighter colors giving hope.


Considering the lighter the shade the more feminine it is considered, males can wear a light shade of gray, still giving it the masculine texture. Unfolding moods is more accurate than to lack life. Gray does not bring as much life to the room like pink or white does, its color tint still brings a form of life.

Another neutral color, gray is literally the color without color. It is black and white. Its dullness shows no life and lack of emotions. For fashionable items to state sophistication and sleekness, a hint of gray will a lifeless edge.

There are more than fifty shades of gray in the color scheme. The unsettling feeling that is given when seeing gray is neither good nor bad. Colors like ash, charcoal, dark gray, light gray, and platinum carry a bland mass of black and white mixtures.

Misconception: Blue

Misrepresentation includes too much or too little. It is truly how the mind calculates the color. Wearing an all blue outfit might say that there is a confident, uncaring, or intelligence to the model, while too little indicates suspicion, stubbornness, and timidity. Taking the shade into account the message that is conveyed is saying more than one may think if the shade is abundant or tiny.

Plain blue is normal, Aquamarine is the ocean, Baby blue is the sky. There is nothing negative about these shades of color. Fashion embraces it with denim, as we all know anything denim is blue. Modern times placed a spin on the denim style by bleaching. Still wearing a pair of denim jeans and jacket is no different from wearing a blue wig. Times are constantly changing, yet some are still feeling that a full head of hair dyed blue states depression. A full head of hair dyed blue can state much more than a deepening sadness. The blues, not the music genre, the purpose is to cool the environment by balancing with self-expression.

The blue family group has about twenty-six different shades that produce a tranquility environment. Calming the mind and soul, reminding the mind of how it feels when seeing the ocean or the sky. On the most stressful days, going to the beach or laying in the grass looking up at the sky the mind is at ease.

Money Talks, Nature Talks: Green

Crazy beautiful green talks. Such a powerful color that can bring joy along with misery the body and mind. No doubt that lighter shades of green will bring a brighter feel to the environment. Lime green, olive, and parakeet is a fresh color.

Asking a group of people “what is the first word processed when you see green?” most will say ‘Go' or ‘money' … maybe a few responses saying a clover or naming a vegetable. Traffic lights tell us that green means go when driving. No one has invented money in a different color, for centuries dollar bills are finished in dark green. St. Patrick Day is wide, celebrated with shamrocks and a leprechaun dressed up in black and green. Have you ever wondered why do some kids like green vegetables and others do not? It slows the metabolism, maybe kids do not want their metabolism slowed.

An intellectual alluring emotive communication to nature and safety. Grassy green is a freshness to everything it contacts. The source of food for many animals and vegans. While it may drive some crazy constantly being around it, it is soothing when embraced. In magical anime series and games, the when a person is injured, another tends to have healing abilities. Displaying the healing powers, green is often showed for the symbolization of being in tune with nature and oneself.


Stone age tone for its earthy appeal. Arguing that there is more than one perception of brown is uncommon. It is neither negative nor positive, it is neutral. Stones are hard and solid, a resting place. Used wrongly will cause damage.

Referencing the Earth, a globe is modeled showing the seas of blue waters, the land of green, continents are multiple colors, mountains white as snow, and brown areas. Earthy tones are brown tones, yet the Earth consists of different color tones. Safe to say that the earthy tone is not just one tone. Brown is neutral, fashionable with most if not all colors.

Happiness is perceived through Chocolate, Coffee, or Tan appearance which are all a part of the Brown family. Seeing this color reminds one of grain and stones. Assembling fall, natural, reliability, warmth, winter, and wholesomeness.

Charisma of Pink

Feminine to eyes it is confusing to see a masculine man in this color. However, it is still a very much masculine color. It shows that a guy is also sensitive and with hate bashing still going on its refreshing to see a guy show it is not afraid.

The mixture of red and white energizes the delicate, playful, and feminine sense. A universal color of romance and charm. The impression of pink states being approachable, loving yourself, and others.
One thing to always remember about pink is it is difficult to see the difference of the colors at times. If all else fails, go with the name. Or keep comparing to know that the color your picking is the correct color.

The original pink is usually favored, for its originality. Here are a few of the different pinks: Barbie, blush, bright, bubble gum, cotton candy, crush, dark pink, deep pink, dogwood, fandango, fuchsia, hot pink, magenta, peach, salmon, and tickle me pink. It's fair that shades such as cotton candy, fuchsia, hot pink, and magenta are apart from the original.


The four meanings have a thin line of entering the danger zone. Blood, fire, heat, and passion are part of a healthy living. Without blood, how can a person survive, blood runs through our body, losing too many results in severe damage or a life loss? Fire is a survival tool, as it provides a form of living it takes life as well. Heat keeps the body warm during winter times, used to cook food. Passion is in everyday life, from loving someone to loving a career choice. What may happen when too much passion is thrown in an environment is a dangerous thing to find.

The mind interrupts this color as an intense emotion and an attention grabber. The second color of a romance brewing representing the amount of passion. Passion is both negative and positive. Too much passion is sometimes overbearing while too little can produce a lethargic energy.

Filled with rage a statement utter out of the mouth “I see red”. Allowing those to know how much anger was experienced. Rage is the most powerful emotion to handle. Dangerous in all forms often resulting in losing temper. Wearing red often says the model is daring with danger or can be a model of lustfulness. All shades of red are attractive from cardinal red to burgundy, American rose to cherry red, and barn red to crimson makes bold daring statements that will capture anyone attention at glance.


October is the month that has the most orange as many celebrate Halloween. This tradition that has been a part of a lot of cultures, is not only for kids to go Trick-or-Treat and dress up. It brings people together, pumpkin carving is done during this celebration, as well as, Thanksgiving. The leaves change when the season change. Bring in a new harvest for the year. In American culture, it is common to celebrate this during November. Many families gather to cook big dinner meals featuring turkeys and the most common vegetables with cranberry.

More than sixty shades of orange are found in the color scheme. Heating the summer for fun it warmth entices the celebration of freedom. The most common colors that are found in the family are alloy, apricot, Carol, carrot, electric orange, pumpkin, and tangerine. To get a shade of orange blend red and yellow. The red added to yellow the darkens the orange, the more yellow added the lighter the orange. This warm color brings change, enjoyment, sunshine, joy, and vibration when seen or worn.


Violet is considered purple to tons of people. According, to the color scheme the hue tint of violet is in its own category. Closely resembling purple, often used as purple. Violet is between blue and ultraviolet making this an actual color. Purple is only a mixture.

The three shades of purple range from light to dark, bold in the middle. Light purple demands' delicacy and feminism; the bold purples are the riches and royalties, and the dark purple is discouraging and frustrating energy. The mixture of blue and red will uplift spirits, calming the body and mind.

Shades of purple with more blue represent stability whereas more red produces fierce energy. Having this color conveys a message of ambition and wisdom. Amethyst, medium purple, orchid, pomp and power, royal purple, and thistle are a part of the purple family.


Too much positivity is misread. The main reason for the color to be a fresh appeal stating the innocence of the model or situation. Those who view this color can relax. Aligned with the heavens the easygoing nature of the color is more comforting than any other color.

The mind views this color as a mental clarity, white rooms and floors are a sense of peace of mind. The body wears this color stating purity in all forms. Clean to sight, a messy area when wiped is now white. In every culture, brides wear white gowns to show they are pure, this spiritual color is a way to state the faith, innocence, and fruitful beginning.

Shades of white include baby powder, cream, off white, silk, and snow. Magnolia's original color is white (to learn more read Culture Thriving Flowers). Blinding to the eyes when too much is received. The softness of the color rest intense colors.


There is no such thing as too much yellow. A color that brightens the soul will never have a limit. It causes great warmth while blinding those who cannot handle the optimism the color brings. Yellow daisies or Perennial Daisy brings ease and virtue to any age of a person receiving the flowers.

Brightening the lands when this color hits it is magical. Warming the body, this buttery color increases the cognitive vibe, by activating memories and encouraging communication. The shade says the energy directed to others when seeing the bold color.

Many forms of yellow include amber, canary, flax, golden, lemon, mustard, Ochre, saffron, school bus yellow, and taxi yellow. Lighter shades like lemon the vibe of good energy, happiness, and joy. Its brightness can literally lighten not only the room, as well as the mood. Darker yellows trends to a caution or sickening vibe through the dullness.


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