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Cinemagraph ~ An innovative change in photography.

Updated on June 19, 2013
Cinemagraphs - a would-be phenomenon in the field of photography.
Cinemagraphs - a would-be phenomenon in the field of photography. | Source

Videotapes gave way to digital versatile discs (DVD); audio compact discs (CD) gave way to I-pod, television sets gave way to plasma screens, 2-D effects gave way to 3-D effects and all..... seems the world of technology and gadgets is constantly undergoing changes. The latest trend in the world of photography is an astounding introduction of photographs with slight motional movements in them invented by a pair of shrewd U.S. photographers named Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. As per my research, many Internet articles related this brilliant duo's invention to Harry Potter films which is obvious since we are reminded of the people and objects moving in or flying from magical posters, portraits and books shown in Harry Potter films. Cinemagraphs are the merger of photographs and videos into the type of technical invention that would soon storm the world with its fresh and ultra-modern approach to photography.

Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck - the creators of cinemagraphs
Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck - the creators of cinemagraphs | Source

The people behind the creation of cinemagraphs

I searched for the creators of this amazing innovation. I found out that the creators are Kevin Burg, a visual graphics artist who formed the team with Jamie Beck, a photographer to work on the unique combination of video and photography. Using GIF formats, they produced the specialized image which they termed as cinemagraph. In their case, the cinemagraph strikes a balance between recurring movements of a single element or few elements of a photograph and silence of the rest of the photograph. These creators also appeared in some of their cinemagraphs. According to my research, this had been started in early 2011 in these inventors's news and fashion photography.

Note: The term cinemagraph is not new and was used by Albert Maysle and late David Maysle, the veteran documentary film-makers. In this case, the cinemagraphs were considered as film stills.

YouTube video of two creators of cinemagraphs - Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck

Visit Wikipedia and see this picture comes to life!


Visit Cinemagraph on Wikipedia:

How I stumbled upon these wondrous moving pictures!

Some months ago, while I was busy researching for web-design for my office, believe it or not, I suddenly imagined a moving picture, say, a fish bowl on the table in a living room with the stillness of an entire picture except a fish swimming in a recurring manner. I jumped at this somewhat exciting idea and surfed the net for moving pictures. This directed me to an impressive set of cinemagraphs. I was stunned by many wonderful cinemagraphs displayed by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. I admired this pair of geniuses for conjuring up these cinemagraphs and brought them to action. I showed my father, with whom I am working, these cinemagraphs and he was impressed by them. However, the web-designers, though inspired by these cinemagraphs, told that it would take a long time to compress the photographs with video using GIF formats. We must also have to credit Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck. These cinemagraphs are yet to be noticed worldwide.

Want to learn how to create a cinemagraph?
Want to learn how to create a cinemagraph? | Source

Want to create a cinemagraph?

Though I am not an expert at photograph editing, I investigated a lot over the creation of cinemagraphs and also learnt from professional web designers on the production of cinemagraphs. I observed that Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck, with their perceptive brilliance, incorporated GIF formats to ensure the result of formation of cinemagraphs which eventually succeeded. After this achievement came into notice, many cinemagraph tutorials mushroomed and web designers and image-makeover conscious people still tried to get the full hang of this somewhat complicated photographic technique. Some complained of ineffective tutorials and lack of fast photography speed required for cinemagraphs. The web-designers with whom I discussed, stated that using GIF files to create cinemagraphs is quite a tough task. If any of you are an adept photograph editor or have learnt some tricks of adjusting the videos, then you may be capable of creating a cinemagraph.

Imagine if cinemagraphs dominate our life in the near future!

How it feels if you log into Facebook or HubPages and see your profile picture or avatar smiling or waving in a sort of slow motion at you! If you hang cinemagraphs at your house, you would be surrounded by many periodically moving photographs. It would be like living in a bizarrely virtual world! If you are a fan of latest technical trends, go ahead and possess the cinemagraphs. They sure add an unparalleled look to your home, especially if your home décor is modern. We are awestruck by 3-D effects or proudly show off our latest gadgets, then having framed cinemagraphs will be no exception when it comes to being in vogue.

Copyrights © 2012 By Ishwaryaa Dhandapani

A list of what to dos:

  • Visit Photoshop CS5 and learn the tricks of how to create a cinemagraph.

Note: Check out these sites

  1. Cinemagraph Tutorial -
  • Do it by trial and error method.
  • Visit the blog sites of these inventors of cinemagraphs.
  • Attend advanced photography or video classes and gain some experience which would help you in obtaining some unique ideas in forming the cinemagraphs.
  • You can take help from your friends or relatives who are skilled in both photography and videos.
  • Look closely at the list of cinemagraphs and then let your brain operate well in the technical arena.

Note: Check out these sites:

  3. CinemagraphCollection.Com

Do you want to wake up to a cinemagraph on your bedroom wall?

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YouTube Video: Cinemagraphs by Jamie Beck and Kevin Burg

Another YouTube video of cinemagraphs

Third YouTube video of cinemagraphs

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