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Cool font designs

Updated on April 9, 2011

Sometime when you are creating leaflets flyers, or some cool desktop designs or artwork, you need some text that really says something. The basic text that you get with most desktop publishing programs or word processing packages can be ok, but what about something a bit more unique and varied? This type of text that converts the text you type on the keyboard to a particular style is called a font. Adding fonts in windows can be a good way of accessing the same font style across multiple programs that you have on your PC. Here is a few of examples of some great and strange font designs. You can also download font software that will help you create your own font style. If your only looking for something quickly then downloading a font from thefree font downloads website will help. I use this website to help me produce good logos for art designs and for posters. They have a huge collection, and includes different types of fonts to use, if your a windows or even a mac user, you will find something worthwhile.

This font is called critters. Its actually very cute, and has lots of different animals as each of the letters. This is a great font to use if you want to produce some animal related designs, or even something that will keep the children entertained.

This is the font that you will need if you decide to open a western bar, and invite some local cowboys in for a drink.

Futuristic terminator style font. This is great if your looking for a banner or message with impact.

This is a bit of a messy font, but still looks good. Its rather more informal, and would suit a fun message, or a disco party flyer.

Skateboard freaks will love this font, its a little person, in some rather strange postures making up the letters. Perfect for a skateboard shop or online store logo.

If you need a striking font, and design for a magic party or something with a little mystifying, then this is a great font to use too.


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    • ArtByCari profile image

      ArtByCari 7 years ago

      Thanks for sharing. I'm always looking for good fonts. I'm tired of the old ones.