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Craft Business Ideas for Stay at Home Mums

Updated on June 12, 2015
Craft Business
Craft Business | Source

Stay at home mums with children to care are always looking for ways to earn money to supplement the family income. The first thing that they normally do is search online for opportunities and some of the most popular way of earning money are envelope stuffing, data entry and survey taking.

Well, that would be great choice few years back while the economy is still in good health but now it seems that there are very little demand for them especially in survey taking. Beside, in an increasing tight job market (where more people are getting involved in them), it's becoming even more difficult to earn a little extra money.

Has the idea of getting yourself involved in business ever crossed your mind? You are most probably to succeed as a self-employed worker rather than to chase after those uncertain and mythical jobs with give you big promises. Here, I've researched and found several craft business ideas, which are naturally fit for you, without a doubt.

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Many of the craft business ideas listed below could be combined, so that you will have a bigger opportunity and better ideas.

For example, you might make potpourri combination, candles and soaps, with scented items as the main theme of your craft business.

Besides, you might also like to make hand decorated items such as hats, shoes, silk flowers and flowers arrangement. There are good craft business ideas that work well either in online venue such as eBay and also offline crafts fairs.

1) Making Candles and Soaps, Potpourri Combination with Scented Items

Most of these craft business ideas can be implemented as soon as you have completed a local workshop or community class on the craft or crafts of your choice. Most of these classes are free or with very small fee. Now let's us see how you could develop the scented items theme and create your own home craft business.

Actually you don't even need to attend any classes on making candles, potpourri mixtures of silk flowers to learn how to make them. Instead, you can find a lot of references and guides that provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to create them online. The are abundance of these information on the internet and all you need to do is google it.

You can sell your crafts at crafts fairs, flea market, or on eBay by putting up your own online store. What good about this type of craft business idea is they are not just a seasonal business only, they will sell throughout the year. However, you might find that your business will do better during the holidays, on Valentine's, Easter and Mother's Day.

As you build up your reputation particular online, your income will increase as well. People will do you promote your product through world of mouth referrals, particular if your handy works are good.

Now as you become more knowledgeable and experienced in your craft business, you can enhance your online store with more content and create your own affiliate programs and let's other people help you to sell. Affiliate program is the fastest way to grow your business where you pay a certain percentage for the products sold by your affiliate. This is how Amazon did it.

2) Hand Decorated Hats and Shoes

If you don't like the above idea, you can make hand decorated hats and shoes, which is another winning craft business idea. You can start experimenting with this kind of handy works with inexpensive straw hats and kid's sneakers.

Try with a glue gun and fake flowers from the crafts store to create one of a kind hats that suited to the season. For example, red and pink flowers with ribbons can be a lovely Valentine gifts. When the summer comes, use paint, glitter, beads and found objects to decorate sneakers your customer won't find them anywhere else.

3) Vintage Clothing Craze

Vintage clothing craze is yet another great idea to star with. The retro and vintage clothing trend is rising now and it is indeed a good craft business idea that you can choose. This business is pretty simple, just shop your local shops for good deals and simple resell them for a profit. You can put your own creative touch on them if you want. For example, adding hats to your inventory will definitely add the overall value of your offerings.

CraftBusiness | Source

4) Painting Terra Cotta Flower Pots

Give this works a try if you love painting. Any design that you can create will turn this inexpensive item unique and worth far more than your initial cost. Don't belittle your own creative genius, it is what you do that determine the final selling value of the pot. You can paint with acrylic paints and seal with a clear acrylic or varathane.

5) Making Stained Glass, Pottery and Jewelry

You can also try out making stained glass, pottery or jewelry but in order to master them you definitely need to attend classes. If will be harder for you to learn them yourself. All of these craft business ideas are viable sources for extra income for the home. You can sell them at crafts fairs, flea markets, on eBay and on your own online store. Get your own business cards printed and hand out them as the opportunity arises.
Best of all, these are all crafts you can do with the kids as you develop your home craft business. Your products will make sought after gifts as well!

The best thing about doing craft works is you can ask your kids to join you as your business grows. This will not only unleash their creative genius but also nurture the idea of entrepreneurship within them.

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  • KenWu profile image

    KenWu 5 years ago from Malaysia

    Thanks tiffany for stopping by.

  • tiffany delite profile image

    tiffany delite 5 years ago from united states

    thank you for this hub with many great ideas! i have a couple of friends who recently started doing just this...making crafts from home to sell. one is making all kinds of cute little crochet stuff and the other is making home made cool. blessings!

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    janesmooch 7 years ago

    I have just recognized your Hub and have found it to be very insightful and it has in addition provided me a large number of new recommendations

    for my very own particular Hub and precisely how i can strengthen the information that i currently have on it.