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Halloween Craft Idea - Haunted House Felt Door Sign

Updated on November 6, 2010

Halloween Door Sign

One of the greatest ways to dress up the front of your house for any holiday is with door signs. However many door signs you might find out on the market are just the same stuff you have seen year after year.

Holiday crafts are fun to make, so why not make a Halloween Door Sign as well, this in one in a 12 part series. A door sign for every month of the year.

The Supplies you will need for this project are:

  • One stiff eazy felt piece sized 12" x 18"
  • One peice of every color used of soft felt, 9" x 12", and you may vary this to your own picture as preferred.
  • Embroider floss, or felt glue, which ever preferred
  • and An Image, this can be like this one which I drew myself or it can be a coloring page image, such as jack-o-lanterns, ghosts, or any Halloween themed image.

All craft supplies can be found at any hobby craft store, such as Hobby Lobby, Michaels, or Ben Franklin.

As you will see here I chose a Haunted House scene. I actually got this image idea from one of the many coloring pages sites you can find on the Internet.

Most of the time you can print these for free, and coloring pages have pictures that can be easily cut out in pieces then reassembled like a puzzle.

Haunted House felt cut out

Cutting Out the Pieces

Once I have my coloring page, I decided to modify it a bit because it was to busy, such as the house had a porch, and many more gables. These were unnecessary to make the theme work so I drew a much simpler house on a 81/2 by 11 piece of paper then added a tree, the moon, a ghost and so forth to complete the scene.

Then cut out the paper pieces for a template to cut out the pieces on felt.

The house was cut out of a piece of tan felt.

Then by using stitching, (optional use of a felt pen to draw the details can work) to bring out the details in the house. Adding little touches like cracks in the side of the house. Lends itself to the haunted house theme.

adding tree and grass

Halloween Door sign
Halloween Door sign

Add pieces to Felt Background

Once you have embellished you house or any other pieces you prefer, it is time to assemble the pieces onto the background 9" x 12" soft peice.

I used black for the background.

Then began adding the pieces, like a barren tree, grass, a walkway, the moon, and of course the ghost.

I used different stitches to add all he pieces to the felt but it can also be added with felt glue.

Using felt glue can make it easier, for young kids.

Finished Halloween Door Sign

 Once you have added all the pieces to the 9" x 12" soft felt piece you can add it to the 12" x 18" piece of stiff eazy felt.

This will make the sign bigger and more stiff and durable for hanging by the front door.

You can add it using stitches or as I said earlier, with felt glue.

Adding stitches, does make it look pretty good, but a similar effect can be accomplished with a felt tiped marker.

The last step is apply a greeting to the bottom such as welcome, however since this is halloween. I decided to add a BEWARE! to the bottom. Just to keep with the theme of the sign.

Once it is all completed add loops at the top to hang on a dowel rod, or you may add just plain hooks to hang from a nail if preferred.

This idea can take any number of image ideas and embellishment, as desired.


Finished Door Sign

Halloween Door Sign
Halloween Door Sign


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