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Craft Stores in the Philippines

Updated on November 7, 2015
Crochet yarns from Divisoria
Crochet yarns from Divisoria

What is Crafting?

Crafting, in any form is a way of showing our creative side. As someone who has done several crafting projects, I say that crafts brings out something artistic in you that you never knew you actually have. For you to discover what crafts you're good at, you need to experience the trial and error stage. Try doing simple D.I.Y. projects until you find the right one for you.

But what is crafting really? How do you describe it? Is it just limited to one specific hobby? Actually, crafting involves working using your hands, feelings and your imagination. Crafts are broad form of art however the main ingredient involves those three words I mentioned earlier.

In order to make crafts though, you need to have materials no matter what you do. To make your crafting life easier, you need to know where to buy these art tools, mainly the basic materials. As I mentioned a while ago, crafts is a huge subject to discuss but you must obtain the basic materials usually used in doing craft projects. There are different kinds of crafts such as card-making, jewelry-making, crocheting, knitting, candle-making, sewing, simple home decor projects and the list goes on and on. An example material is a pair of scissor or a measuring tape. Once you have these tools, you can search for specific materials needed for the project you're about to do.

To help my fellow countrymen achieve these craft projects, I would like to share my knowledge when it comes to stores/shops that sell craft supplies particularly within Metro Manila. For those who doesn't live near these locations I'm about to enumerate or even not living in my country, don't worry, some stores here have online shops that have the option for international shipping.

So without further ado, here are the craft stores I have discovered:


When it comes to "needle or hook work" Divisoria is the place to go to. I've been to this place several times and this is where I buy most of my materials for my crochet project. But the items found here are not just limited to crochet or knitting materials, they also have the famous place called Tabora Street where you can buy lots of fabrics. This is also the street where you can locate rows of stores selling ribbons, laces, yarns, beads, buttons which you can use for different kinds of craft projects.

There are also stalls in Tabora and M. De Santos street that sells different kinds of mason jars. These jars are very "in" right now and this is where you can find them in any forms (with or without lid, with or without handle and etc).

Along Juan Luna, you'll be able to buy materials for candle-making, upholstery project, or for making stuffed toys. They are very easy to find as the stores are just beside each other.

Ylaya street on the other hand have products mostly for native projects like weaving. They have wooden beads, recycled and handmade paper, twine, shells, different kinds of fibers, banig in different sizes, woven ribbon and etc.

I have here a list of sample stores you can find along the streets I just mentioned:

Weave and Stitch Marketing - Pasillo V #4 Yangco Building, 791 Ylaya Street

Family Feather Shop - Pasilio W-49 Yangco Market, 785 Ylaya Street

Ellen and Dodong Souvenir and Mask - along Tabora Street

Marlene’s Made-To-Order Costumes - along Tabora Street

Wellmanson Sewing Notion - 855 Tabora Street

Everson Modiste Center - 869 Tabora Street

Bonye Merchandising - 873 Tabora Street

Recycled Bottle Store - along M.De Santos Street

Transworld Canvas & Upholstery Center, Inc. - 791-793 Juan Luna Street

Gody Wax Center - 740 Juan Luna St., Binondo, Manila

Additional Stores

Aside from Divisoria, there are also stores that sell arts and crafts supplies located inside malls and other places that people might not know of:

Yarn Bodega in Rosario - I haven't been to this place but one of my friends had mentioned this one to me before when I asked where can I buy large weight of yarns and this was recommended to me. I hope to buy from them someday it's just that I live 2 hours away from this area but for those who lives near Rosario check this out. if you're commuting just ride the jeep saying Cubao-Rosario (the one that pass by Libis).

Carolina’s Lace Shoppe - They have several branches but I only visited two out of all the branch they have. The one in SM Megamall and the one in Libertad (close to the LRT station). I think they also have a branch in Glorietta 5 in Makati.

Dreams Yarn Shoppe - This one is just a recent discovery of mine. Haven't bought anything from them yet but I've checked on their store before and they have lots of yarns and hooks. They also offer classes. You can visit their store here: 3rd floor, Glorietta 5, Makati City

VC Trading - 2nd floor, Farmer’s Plaza Cubao. They mostly sell crocheting and knitting tools.

Shmily Arts and Crafts - 2442 Pedro Gil st. Sta. Ana. They have several products for crafting like different kinds of paper, embellishments, felt, beads, ribbons, crafting tools, washi tape and etc. They have a facebook page you can check out here.

Online Stores

On the other hand, if you are more comfortable ordering online of course you may do so. I have done some research and found out that Etsy have lots of online stores that sell craft materials. You can also check Ebay and Amazon. But to give you some sample stores, I have listed down those I found in Etsy. Just click on the store names below if you want to be directed to the online shop.





Laura's Last Ditch

Calming Stitches



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