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Crafts To Make

Updated on February 8, 2013

Book Spine Bookmark

Ever wonder what to do with old books that are falling apart? Here is a unique tutorial on how to create these beautiful bookmarks using old book spines. They are so elegant and sophisticated, they would make a great gift for the book lover in your family!


Acid Etched Glass

Acid etching adds an elegant and personalized touch to any glass product. The acid etching gives that frosted glass look, which can be very sophisticated if done correctly. Items that can be etched include a large range of things, and some fun ideas may include wine or drinking glasses, picture frames or serving bowls. Letters or images can be transferred onto nearly any class surface by the use of ready made tracing stencils or personalized hand made stencils. Click the link below to learn how to make your own personalized acid etched glass bowl.


Vintage Sign

The whole "shabby chic" and "vintage" style is all the craze in the blogging world right now. I love the look of these faux vintage signs, and love the idea of being able to create a custom made sign for your home that looks and feels like an authentic vintage sign. The instructions are very easy as well, and really doesn't take much more than some wood, paint and a creative idea. There are so many ways to make one, but the link below explains step by step how to make a home made vintage sign.


Chalkboard Paint Spice Frame

Every kitchen needs a spice rack! This DIY project is highly functional, and looks extremely cool. The picture frame style can be anything from modern and contemporary to classic and vintage looking, and the spice jars can be made out of any household container you like. I love this idea for my kitchen, and I think it would spice up any kitchen décor (Pun fully intended).


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