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Crafts for Children: Recycle Old Mail Boxes

Updated on October 14, 2011
Recycle old, unattractive mail boxes into beautiful crafts for kids.
Recycle old, unattractive mail boxes into beautiful crafts for kids. | Source

Teachers are often looking for different crafts to help teach students. By recycling old mailboxes, you can create an everyday craft or a special box for the holidays. Recycling old mailboxes into crafts allows you to help preschoolers expand their imagination into creating a large scene within a tiny space.

Ghost Box

Paint the interior and exterior of an old mailbox black. Create a few fabric ghosts, and hang them on the inside of the mailbox. Create some grave stones, trees, or bats to hang inside of the mailbox also. This can be placed on a table with a bag hanging off to create a scene for preschoolers to trade candies or treats for Halloween.

Valentines Box

Paint the exterior of the mailbox white, and attach a few fabric or paper heart cut outs. Sprinkle glitter over the exterior of the box. Attach a name tag heart to the front of the mail box. This is an attractive and reliable option for trading cards and candies on Valentines day. If the candy or treats do not fit inside of the slot, the preschooler can open the door to place the treat inside.

Flower Planter

Paint the entire mailbox white or a dull orange color. Paint on flowers or glue on fabric flower designs. Paint on "Flowers" or a cute quote and cover the entire exterior of the mailbox with a clear coating to preserve the finish. Place the mailbox resting on the back side with the lid open. Fill the interior of the mailbox with potting soil and place flowers or plants inside.

A Little World Inside

Cover the exterior of the mailbox with white paint and create a quarter size opening on the door. Cover the top and sides of the interior of the mailbox with blue paint and the bottom with green paint. Paint on flowers, trees, grass, and little people throughout the interior. Peek in through the hole when the door is closed to look at the scenery inside.


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      Jenna 6 years ago

      Very creative! Thanks!!!