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Create a DIY Modern Yarn Wrapped Wreath in 5 Easy Steps!

Updated on September 9, 2011

You Will Need

*1 package of yarn. {I used Red Heart Super Saver "Windsor Blue" that the hubby picked up at a quick trip to WalMart}
*1 foam wreath form. Sometimes found at dollar stores in the fake-floral department, otherwise at craft stores & WalMart or Amazon. {I scored mine for $0.79 @ GoodWill}
*Some ribbon

Approximate cost: $2?

Finished Product!

Let's Get Started!

1. Tie a quadruple knot around your wreath form, but do NOT snip it. Ignore your OCD and leave it be for now.

2. Wrap.. wrap.. wrap some more.. Once you get into your own routine of it, continue it. {Notes: Make sure you pick a front (aka "pretty" side) so you know which side needs to be 100% covered. I found wrapping about a 4-inch stretch of it with 5 or so lines (skipping big spaces in between) and then slowly going back & forth to fill in the empty space, really gave a nice look to it. Keep it pulled pretty tight and don't get lazy about it.}

3. Continue to wrap, fix, slide and nudge your way all the way around. {THIS TAKES TIME --if you have munchkins, this would make an awesome naptime or after-bedtime relaxing activity to zone out to while watching a guilty-pleasure show!}

4. Once you've made it all the way around, tie that beginning un-snapped part to your yarn and then wrap over it a bunch, tie it again & again, and once you feel it's safe--SNIP! Voila!

5. Now loop around a pretty ribbon, pin on a patch of fabric flowers (or whatever you choose! Maybe a wooden letter of your last name? Small sweet little wooden words? Scrabble tiles that spell out something special? A b&w photo? Whatevz!)

Now stand back and smile, because your front door has never looked so great! ;)

Detail Shot

Adding Fabric Rosettes

I used fabric glue to glue the bottoms of the flowers to a piece of soft, flexible fabric & allowed it to dry for an hour upside-down. When it was nearly dry I snipped around the edges of the big base piece so it wouldn't be visible once attached. I then took a pin & poked it right through the middle & into my wreath! Voila! I plan to make a gaggle more so I can swap them out with the seasons!

View my tutorial on easy felt/fabric rosettes here:


No, the bunny is not real ;)


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    • diydiva profile image

      Kay Mitchell 6 years ago from California

      It turned out great! I've been wanting to make one of these for a long time, and am currently working on a fall themed one! Hope you'll stop by and check it out when I write my own Hub of how it turned out! P.S. Love that you can also convince your Hubby to pick up your craft supplies for you!

    • KaeliElyse profile image

      KaeliElyse 6 years ago from Olympia, Washington

      I'm glad you like it! It makes me smile, without fail, after coming home from a long day.

    • Simone Smith profile image

      Simone Haruko Smith 6 years ago from San Francisco

      This is positively lovely! I seriously want to make one. It'd look so charming on my front door!!

    • KaeliElyse profile image

      KaeliElyse 6 years ago from Olympia, Washington

      instantlyfamily, thank you! I'd love it if you shared this link with your friends =) Also, make sure you come back and share a photo of what you've made!

    • KaeliElyse profile image

      KaeliElyse 6 years ago from Olympia, Washington

      Clara, I'm glad you like it! It's a bit addicting, beware! I just bought some more yarn to make some more!

    • instantlyfamily profile image

      instantlyfamily 6 years ago

      What an adorable wreath! This project looks simple and fun. I plan to share this with my girlfriends. Perhaps we can get together one evening soon, so we can each make one. Well done!

    • Clara A Limand profile image

      Clara A Limand 6 years ago from Wilmington, NC

      This is a really cute project! I love the rosettes, too.

    • KaeliElyse profile image

      KaeliElyse 6 years ago from Olympia, Washington

      PiaC, that's so great you'll be able to upcycle them! You could absolutely use ribbon or fabric and I'm sure it would go much faster. I felt that yarn gave a comfy, classy look and the detail work was important to me.

    • KaeliElyse profile image

      KaeliElyse 6 years ago from Olympia, Washington

      Thank you, Maddie, I appreciate that! I will post more for sure, I'm still figuring this site out =)

    • Maddie Ruud profile image

      Maddie Ruud 6 years ago from Oakland, CA

      This is a great project I never would have thought about doing, but the end result is really classy-looking. Looking forward to more crafty how-tos from you!

    • PiaC profile image

      PiaC 6 years ago from Oakland, CA

      This is lovely! i always land up buying berry wreaths around xmas time, only for them to dry and make a mess on my front doorstep. This is much tidier! Do you think I could use ribbons instead of yarn for this wreath?