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doily crafts - create a window display

Updated on April 1, 2013

Paper doilies

I love doilies and normally the crocheted variety, but today when rummaging through our art supplies, I found a pack of paper doilies of different sizes. My 7 year old suggested we draw picture inside them, and then I thought they would look beautiful stuck on our large living room window.

kid friendly art activity


About Doilies

Did you know that doilies actually date back to the 17th Century? They have gained popularity in the early 20th Century, with the quintessential circular ans oval design adopted by crocheters and sometimes knitters. The fabric doily made a beautiful table display for formal meals, but they were also used to set under ornaments and objects around the home to protect surfaces and look pretty too.

Paper doilies offered caterers a practical solution to the cotton ones, and now you can purchase doilies in every colour under the sun, The craft revolution has thrust the humble doily back into the limelight once again, and there are literally hundreds of crafts that a doily can be used for. I hope you enjoy my project. Please check out the other links too.


Doily fairy


Vintage look

We used white tac to stick the doilies to the window, but you may be able to use a spray glue, as to avoid seeing the tac through the doily.

This idea could obviously be greatly modified, and I want to create something with more permanence on our window to offer a little more privacy. Another idea would be to use a window craft spray in matte over the top of the doilies, then remove them to reveal the intricate doily stencil.

My Doily Dream Catchers


Creative ways to use doilies

There are some beautiful and creative ways that people have modified the humble doily, below are a few links that I recommend you check out.

doily bunting


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    • The Unlearner profile image

      Jo 4 years ago from Isle of Wight UK

      Oh cool, yes they are such a pretty thing to use for crafts, I have seen some folded in half, then made into bunting. Thanks for commenting, really appreciate it.

    • purl3agony profile image

      Donna Herron 4 years ago from USA

      Great ideas! When I lived in apartment and had limited space for holiday decorations, I used doilies to make snowflakes and covered the windows with them :) The doilies made any cut snowflake look more detailed and beautiful. Thanks for sharing!