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Create Amazing Stock Photo's And Banner's For Your Blog Or Website

Updated on November 30, 2012

Taking Stock Photo's

Stock Photo's are the picture's used on popular websites and blog's.Some people pay for the photo, and other's steal it from another site.I enjoy taking my own picture's, they always fit my content perfectly.


  • Focus on the object, don't use blurry picture's.The picture should be clear.
  • Take the time to make the photo perfect, don't take a quick picture then use in for your content
  • Make sure your photo's match your content, people don't tend to take you seriously if you cant match them both up.
  • Use photo editing to make your picture even better,sometime's camera's cant focus completely, so you will end up having to use sharpen or hdr.
  • You can take stock photo's of object's at different angles,

Stock Photo Idea's

  • WAHM- Mom on laptop (with or without her child)
  • Crafts (step by step process can be made into a collage)
  • Vitamins And Supplements (name's showing)
  • Exercise Equipment
  • Food
  • Cleaning Supplies
  • Clothes
  • Organizational Methods
  • Money
  • Scale and tape measure (for weight loss)

Photo Editing Can Bring More Life To Your Content

If all else fails, you can use a photo editing tool to fix your photo's. is a site that offer's free photo editing. And in my opinion its easier to use than Photo Shop.


Go To Edit Photo, Choose your photo...

Now, in the first tab, it give's you the standard edit's. Use Autofix (fixes brightness and contrast)....

In Effects column you have alot of different effect's to choose from.Have fun and play around with them, find one that matches your personality and the feel of the content.

Fun Fonts You Can Use
Fun Fonts You Can Use

Creating Banner's

Sometime's the banner's that you see, are horrid. They arent unique, they bug me also. I do not like to use alot of the banner's that Im told I can use, I create my own.

In Paint, create a blank banner, you choose the size and color.Save it on your computer.

Now, go to Picmonkey and open the blank banner that you just made.It's time to add the words, and graphics.

Go straight to the Text area, Click Add Text, Type what you would like to add to your banner.

Now the fun part, Switch through the font's and choose a text color. When you have chosen the perfect word's, go to Overlay's.It offer's smiley faces,button's, pushpins etc. You can add them to your banner to give them more personality.


Make Money With Your Stock Photo's

Aside from making your own stock photo's, you can also sell them.

Site's like istockphoto will pay a certain amount everytime someone buy's your photo to use.The more you upload, the more money you will make.But don't upload all your picture's, they have guidelines of picture's you can use.They don't like photo's that have been edited.And you must give them 3 sample photo's so they can see if you do a good job or not.

Make Money Creating Banner's For Other People

Site's like fiverr allow you to create gig's, and each gig is worth $5. So you can create a gig for creating promotional banner's or logo's.Try offering more then one per $5.

You can make 5 banner's or logo's for $5.Or 2. Alot of people are so busy trying to promote in other way's, they dont have time to create banner's themselves. Or maybe they feel they aren't creative enough. Either way, in the end, you will both win.


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