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Creating the right Ambience using Pillow Covers

Updated on April 28, 2014

Good pillow arrangement on sofa

Keep furniture and pillows matched always
Keep furniture and pillows matched always | Source

Décor and pillow covers are twins

Getting the furniture to look pretty can be a demanding task, especially if you are person who is more accustomed to comfort point of view. By comfort, one means good cushions and pillows all round the house, cushions for dining chairs and sofas, cushions for the divan or the ottoman and regular pillows for the bed. Pillow covers are the rainbows in the horizons of the comfort zone and the choice and colors of these determine the décor of the rooms where one places them.

Fun and excitement in the choice of material

The sheer extent of variety that one has by way of material has a match only in the enthusiasm people have for using unique pillow covers for each occasion. Each room is different, front and living need breezy and bright colors, while the interior rooms need pillow covers of subtler color.

However, some material may not really suit the décor of every room. Use of cotton is common and simple, leather is tough to handle while suede is very gaudy. Woven material incorporates intricate weaves that allows great designs. Tapestry only has decorative appeal and is not suitable for those places where the room is open to the road since there will be lot of dust. Stretch fascinates some but may not find favor with others.

Choice of pillow cover material

Suitable for room
Durable, pretty colors
Rough use front room and living room
Exotic, very tough
Children's rooms, games rooms
Good color, tough
Front or living
Good design, ornamental
Puja rooms
Soft, lovely colors
Kids rooms
Interior rooms

Decor and Pillow covers must match

Best match of colors and design
Best match of colors and design | Source

Making the pillow covers on your own

It is not simple, yet pillow covers only requires a little thought. The basic idea is to get two square pieces of cloth together without getting anything else in between. The normally practiced rule is that for each standard throw pillow you purchase 1¼ yards of cloth that is 45" wide. Therefore, if you have two throw pillows and need two pairs of covers, you have to get 5 yards of cloth.

This done, you have to portion out the four pieces such that you have eight interfacing squares that are a little wider than the size of the pillow. It means they have to be 25" squares if the cushion is 24" on each edge. Keep one edge 1" bigger for putting in your zipper or press button. This gives you a leeway of ½" all around to stitch.

Start out by placing the good sides together facing each other. Stitch together tree sides. Unzip the zipper and stitch them to the fourth side. Reverse the cover and your cushion is ready for the cover.

Mixing pillow cover patterns

  1. Plain
  2. Geometry
  3. Floral
  4. Stripes
  5. Checks
  6. Waves

Depending on the color and pattern of the cover of the furniture, you can make it for the cushions and pillows. While it is usual to match the same patterns, there may be occasions when a plain cover or one with a different geometrical pattern would be better. If you do not have the correct match, choose one that is closest to the correct fit.

Reinvesting in comfort with pillow covers

Every pillow needs a special pillow cover
Every pillow needs a special pillow cover | Source

Amplifying Internal Décor with right choice of pillow covers

Most houses have closed interior and one or two rooms open to the outside. For this reason, all furniture and covers in those rooms become dusty and dirty very soon. It would be wise to choose hardy material that wears well for the pillow covers in those rooms. By suitably altering the material, it is possible to create beauty without having to worry about durability.

Keeping special covers for special occasion

Not every pillow cover is the same as the next. Some pillow covers belong to the separate class, which defines the 'something unique' about the furniture and the house. One considers these things like personal preference of the owner or a special favorite with children that make them special. Pillow covers convert ambience of a house entirely. It is like the flower in your garden, it makes the owners proud and gives great pleasure to all onlookers.


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