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Creative Photography Tips

Updated on May 22, 2014
Public Domain Images from Pixabay
Public Domain Images from Pixabay

Develop Your Creative Photography Skills

This hub will give ideas on how to develop your creative photography skills. With any luck you will uncover inspiration to compose a few great, unusual and artistic photos. Forget the rules, as you would with art photography for, the eventual goal is to result in something different and individual to you.

Initially, to start producing more exciting photographs...forget all the Rules you would usually stick to to take a competent image. Envisage the method you will compose and frame your images. Do you always have the key point of focus in the same area? If so, try something else! Utilize all of the area accessible to you in the image, possibly by arranging the focus of your picture in a corner and permit its environment to perform behind it. Think more creatively about outlines and themes and take advantage of a range of angles and the outskirts of the lens to look in a new-found way at the same shot.

Image Editing

Something Is Out of Place

A simple method to catch attention-grabbing creative photos is to use subjects or situations out of context. Use something in a location you would not normally see it, or replace it for another with a comparable profile. Someone seeing your photographs may spot that something is not quite right, but will take their time realizing exactly what.

Since its early days photography has been utilized as a method of representing and showing realism and the way it really is. In the often repeated, "the camera never lies". But with the growth in digital photography and the easy availability of photo editing software, anyone may now fine-tune any aspect of the pictures. Your creations are now only limited by your imagination!

Manipulating Images

Try Manipulating Images for Unusual Effects

Try manipulating or completely combining different pictures as one to make something totally original.

Mess around with the different features of your editing software, and every new trick you discover will give ideas on how to expand your original pictures, and excite you to go out and take more.

With a little luck, these creative photography suggestions should arm you with a few new tricks to expand your photos and ensure that your photograph albums need never be dull again!

Improving Your Digital Photographs

Once you have taken your digital photograph you will download it to your PC or maybe your iPad to make viewing and editing easier. There are lots of software on the market today which is both free or expensive which can not only enhance the appearance of your photograph's but also allow you to produce special effects and changes to the picture.

There are few limitations with what you can do with your digital photograph's everything from getting rid of red eye to changing the colors of the actual subject or painting different colors onto your photograph. You can turn your photograph into a 3D picture or mix it with other photographs to make a collage. Make photographs of you have just taken appear to be from a long time ago by simple manipulation of the colors and editing the picture with software.

Photographic Software

Some of the latest photographic software can introduce features such as turning your pictures easily into calenders, jigsaws and cards within a couple of minutes. Another useful toot is allowing subjects taken from various different pictures to combine them into one picture. Maybe someone is missing from an important family event and you would like them to be in a keepsake picture then you can get their image from another photograph and insert them into the desired picture.

Paint shop Pro's latest offering has enough tools to keep even the most experienced photographer happy and allows the inexperienced photographer to produce stunning photos. This comes complete with instructional videos to make the learning experience as simple as possible. You will have to pay for some of the best photo editing software, however there is also a wide selection of free software which may suit your individual needs. You will however have to search this out on the internet and it may not produce results as good as the latest paid for versions and maybe more complicated to learn. The beauty of digital photography is you can alter, improve and change the look of the picture with ease unlike traditional 35mm film.

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Creative Photography Tips - Your Comments

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  • profile image

    ghiblipg 6 years ago

    yes, first step in creative photography, forget all the rules =)

  • prasetio30 profile image

    prasetio30 8 years ago from malang-indonesia

    nice tips for photography. Simple method and it can practiced directly. I think it produced great picture. thanks for sharing this great idea.