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Creative Photography - Free Photos

Updated on July 10, 2011

Photography - Free Photos

Do you enjoy photography and trying new aspects of it ? Or are you looking for free photos to display on your hubs or websites?

We know " A picture says 1000 words " and when it comes to trying to entice a person to come to your place of business or read your hubs you need pictures that do exactly that.

So a good hub will have pictures / photos to enhance the hub & make it stand out more as well as enticing the reader to want to come back and enjoy more of your work.

If you have a hub on Greece say , with no pictures I can read it & imagine the place but it doesn;t get me excited at all as it is just words.

However the same hub with a picture of the white buildings with the ocean behind them in Greece or a yacht by the Greek Islands has me wanting to pack my bag and rush to the airport to get over to Greece and explore it for myself.!

I like to take photos that are a bit different & I call them creative photography , they are not as good as professional photography as I have never done a course. I just take photos of scenes I enjoy.

I am offering free photos as long as you have the links to my sites.

Not everyone will like them and that is ok as I enjoy them & hopefully there will be some that do.

Near Exmouth in WA
Near Exmouth in WA

Who says photography is limited to what a standard frame or even a panoramic one can see? Some photographers shoot entirely in the round, creating amazing full-circle spiralling panoramas or even fully-mobile three-dimensional shots that can only be viewed via computer and look absolutely amazing!

While most images like the ones I take  capture moments in time that any ordinary human could see some high-speed shots provide us with photographic glimpses of faster-than-sight phenomena invisible to the naked eye, from bullets piercing bottles to aesthetically splendidly water splashes.

Night photography can bring out the best in photographers, playing on subtlties of shadow, shade and contrast not visible during the daytime. These photographers range in their approaches but universally add something new to the art of creating nighttime images.


Free Photos

Are you looking for free photo's to use for school projects or student work ?

If you like my photo's please let me know where you would like to use it and if I am ok with it then I won't mind if you use a photo of mine as long as therte is a link to my hub & my name on it as long as it isn't for making money..... then we can come to some arrangement !

 Wherever I go I try to take a range of photos of whatever I come across such as




Wharves & Jettys

Markets - goods for sale

Sunrise & sunsets


Food and so on

so I have my own collection for a lot of my hubs now and in the future rather than have to go looking for them online .

That is why as well I try do them a bit diferent so they are more unique and hopefully of interest to you the reader !

Potshot Burger at the Potshot hotel Exmouth WA
Potshot Burger at the Potshot hotel Exmouth WA
Forster Lake in NSW
Forster Lake in NSW
Snorkeling at Ningaloo Reef WA
Snorkeling at Ningaloo Reef WA
Looking at the Tuncurry-Forster Bridge NSW
Looking at the Tuncurry-Forster Bridge NSW
Kalbarri Pub
Kalbarri Pub

Which Photo Do you like ?

Do you like food photos ? Water scenes or animals best ?

See results

Blackberry Pancakes - Yum !

Blackberry farm on way to Walpole WA
Blackberry farm on way to Walpole WA
Lake at Walpole WA
Lake at Walpole WA

Wedding Photo's

If you are planning on getting married soon why not find a photographer who is more creative with photography rather than just having the traditional family photo.s in a park.

A beach wedding is great for photo's if you are near one otherwise wedding photos by a river or lake even in a barn on hay bales is different !

The great thing about photography these days is that if the photo's are taken with your camera rather than the photographers then you can have fun online cropping your photos   so you can get rid of people or objects like unsightly rubbish bins  in your photos like I did below.

Wedding Photo's

Have  Beach Wedding Photo's
Have Beach Wedding Photo's

Time Lapse photography


High Speed Photography


Digital Camera

 I use a Canon IXUS 8015 Digital Camera which I believe does a great job.

 Modes : Single, Servo AF/AE ¹, Touch AF
AF Point Selection : Size (Normal, Small)
AF Lock : On/Off Selectable
AF Assist Beam : Yes
Closest Focusing Distance : 5cm (W) from front of lens in macro
Metering modes : Evaluative (linked to Face Detection AF frame), Centre-weighted average, Spot (centre)
AE Lock : On/Off Selectable
Exposure Compensation : +/- 2 EV in 1/3 stop increments.
Enhanced i-Contrast for automatic dynamic range correction
ISO sensitivity* : AUTO, 80, 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600
Speed : 1 - 1/3000 sec (factory default)
15 - 1/3000 sec (total range - varies by shooting mode)
Type : TTL
Settings : Auto (including Face Detection WB), Daylight, Cloudy, Tungsten, Fluorescent, Fluorescent H, Custom
Monitor : 8.8 cm (3.5”) PureColor II Touch (TFT), 16:9 aspect ratio, approx. 460,000 dots Coverage : Approx. 100%
Brightness : Adjustable to one of five levels


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