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Crochet Hook Set for Beginners or Experienced Crocheters

Updated on August 16, 2014

What Crochet Hooks Should I Buy?

What Hooks Will I Need?

I get asked this all the time, what they're really asking is:

What hook sizes and types should I start off with that I will most likely need as I learn to crochet?

It's a good question. The short answer is that you can have almost every available size for about $25. A more detailed answer is that if you have never crocheted anything before, you may want to purchase only the hook/needle required for your first project to make absolutely sure you will continue the hobby. Once you're sure you like crochet, buy a set of graduated sized hooks. It's the most economical way to start your collection. Again, owning every single size hook doesn't cost very much.

Hook sets are usually divided into two groups of sizes: Thread crochet hooks and yarn crochet hooks. Beginners usually start with yarn crochet to learn the basic stitches. It's easier to learn with the larger hooks and the more substantial yarn. My first project was a potholder when I was about ten years old. Once I learned the basic crochet technique, I went from the potholder to a simple sleeveless sweater. It takes a little more skill to work thread crochet, but it uses the same basic stitches. Thread crochet is used mainly for edgings, doilies, tablecloths and bedspreads.

More recently, crochet - thread or yarn - has evolved into a very expressive art form. It's not just your grandmother's crochet anymore, although the vintage, classic crochet projects are very much in vogue too.

You Can Have Them All

The good news is that crochet hooks are inexpensive and even more so in sets. You get the best of both worlds - every hook size you need at the most economical price.

Experienced crocheters know that it’s essential to have a master set of crochet hooks in incremental sizes. Boye has been the industry standard for crochet hooks and needles for many generations. I recommend this set of basic steel and aluminum crochet hooks because it is a complete set of any size hook you could possibly need for most every project. These hooks will last a lifetime, come conveniently organized in a compact storage case, and are very inexpensive. The larger group of needles is color coded for easy recognition.

Featured here is the Master Steel and Aluminum Crochet Hook set, but Boye also offers the larger plastic or bamboo sets for yarn crochet as well. They are equally inexpensive, making it easy to start out right with the basic essentials you'll need.

Every Size Crochet Hook in One Set


There's No Wrong Answer

As a beginner you may want to purchase only the hook required for your first project, and that’s fine. But if you are serious about continuing on to other projects, this will be the best investment you will ever make. As you discover new patterns and projects you want to try, you can be sure you already have the correct hook required and won’t have to wait to start your project.

Crochet Sets Make Thoughtful Gifts

Consider giving a set as a gift to someone who wants to learn to crochet, or who already does. They will be delighted to receive a compact and organized set of crochet needles in every size, color coded for quick and easy selection. Crocheters especially like extra needles so that they can work on more than one project at one time.

Learn to Crochet!

© 2014 Nancy Oram


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