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How to Learn Crochet - Beginner Instructions

Updated on February 11, 2018
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Rug Made with the Double Crochet Stitch

Crochet 101 - Instructions to Learn

This lens features information for those new to the world of crochet. Explanations of crochet abbreviations, hook size, gauge and yarn are featured here. It is important for anyone new to crochet to understand that hook size, tension and yarn weight play a big part in the finished size and look of the project. To learn crochet, I encourage you to crochet swatches of new stitches to get a feel for the look, gauge and hook size required to customize their project.

Crochet Abbreviations for the Beginner

Instructions to Learn Crochet

ch = chain

sp = space

sc = single crochet

hdc = half double crochet

dc = double crochet

tr = treble crochet or triple crochet

dtr = double treble crochet

sl st = slip stitch

tog = together

sk = skip

lp = loop

YO = yarn over

MC = main color

CC = contrasting color

RS = right side of work

Crochet Abbreviations

Advanced Instructions to Learn Crochet

rnd = round

BPsc = Back Post single crochet

FPsc = Front Post single crochet

BPdc = Back Post double crochet

FPdc = Front Post double crochet

FPtr = Front Post treble crochet

BPtr = Back Post treble crochet

dec = decrease

inc = increase/increases/increasing

Crochet an Oval Rug

Simple Instructions to Learn Crochet

Learn how to crochet an oval rug following simple instructions and using a double crochet stitch.

How to Crochet an Oval Rug

Crocheting Gauge of Stitches and Rows
Crocheting Gauge of Stitches and Rows

Gauge in Crocheting

Instructions to Learn about Gauge in Crochet

When people who crochet talk about "gauge," they mean the stitches per square inch. The gauge of crochet varies depending on the hook size, the tension of the person crocheting and the weight of the yarn used. All of these will change the gauge when crocheting. The cool thing about gauge is that once you no the gauge for a given yarn and hook, you can make a pattern for virtually anything.

To do this, crochet a swatch. Measure the gauge. If you know your rows are 3/4 of an inch high and it takes 4 stitches to make one inch in width, you can use this information to trace shapes that you want to crochet. Draw one inch rows onto your traced pattern. Then mark the number of inches across each row to calculate the stitches in each row.

Making Custom Crochet Projects with Gauge.

International Conversion

US to International - Crochet Instructions to Convert a Pattern

The US crochet terms are different than the international crochet terms. The abbreviations discussed above were in US terms. To translate international and US crochet terms the follow chart can be used:

International to United States

single crochet (sc) = slip stitch (sl st)

double crochet (dc) = single crochet (sc)

half treble crochet (htr) = half double crochet (hdc)

treble crochet (tr) = double crochet (dc)

double treble crochet (dtr) = treble crochet(tr)

triple treble crochet (ttr) = double treble crochet(dtr)

miss = skip

Hook Sizes

B-1 = 2.25 mm

C-2 = 2.75 mm

D-3 = 3.25 mm

E-4 = 3.5 mm

F-5 = 3.75 mm

G-6 = 4.00 mm

H-8 = 5.00 mm

I-9 = 5.5 mm

J-10 = 6.00 mm

K-10 1/2 = 6.50 mm

N = 9.00 mm

P = 10.00 mm

Q = 15.00 mm

Yarn Weight

Instructions to Learn Crochet

Yarn can be divided into 6 basic categories from lightest to heaviest. The weight of the yarn makes a difference in the overall look and feel of the project. Certain yarns, such as light stretchy cottons work great for socks, while stiff heavy yarns work well for winter coats and rugs. The 6 yarn categories by weight are:



Double Knit:


Heavy Worsted:


Crack the Crochet Code

Crochet Hook Size, Gauge and Chaining

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